Posts published on February 8, 2011

Oregon May Join Other States In Giving Universities Independence

A Senate education committee heard testimony on a bill to give Oregon public universities more independence. While business leaders support the measure, faculty and students raised concerns.  Senate Bill 242 would sever the university system from its status as a state agency, allowing it to operate free of legislative oversight. In exchange, the universities would be expected to meet performance goals. I assume Oregon universites could also set their tuition rates without state approval . This decision was given to Virginia Universities several years ago.


Why A Liberal Education Is Important

From AAC&U

  What Is a Liberal Education?
And Why Is It Important to My Future?

This brochure serves as an introduction to what a liberal education is—and why it is important to all college students. It is based on research findings from the LEAP initiative and was developed with input from leading employers, recent graduates, economists, and students. This brochure provides a contemporary definition of the term “liberal education,” the most important outcomes of college, and perspectives from recent graduates and employers. It also provides a set of questions designed to help students construct a purposeful pathway through college. Ideal for use in first-year and transfer student orientation, first-year seminars, academic advising, admissions, and career counseling.

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Texas Considers Tracking In Community Colleges

Facing dwindling state dollars and more pressure to graduate students, Texas community colleges may begin steering students who test at the lowest skill levels toward shorter vocational programs or adult basic education before attempting college academics. Right now, most community colleges are enrolling those students in a gantlet of remedial classes they have little chance of surviving. (San Antonio Express-News, 01/21/11)