Posts published on May 9, 2011

State Costs For College Remediation

Remedial college courses cost Pennsylvania $153 million a year, according to 50-state analysis by Alliance for Excellent Education. That figure includes $94 million in remedial course tuition and $58 million in lost lifetime wages, because remedial students are more likely to drop out of college. The report found that remedial education costs the United States $5.6 billion a year. See ECS’ Getting Past Go remedial education project for mopre information.

Bringing Student Services Together To Enhance Retention


Advancing Student Success by Attending to the Whole Student at Mercy College
William Martinov Jr., executive director of institutional advancement at Mercy College, notes a reality that nearly everyone in higher education acknowledges: students’ experiences in college can be very fragmented. “Higher education is ‘siloed.’ There are passionate people in student life, in the financial aid office, in academic advising. But they’re not seeing the whole student,” he says. And for a first-time, first-generation college freshman, such fragmentation might mean the difference between persisting to the second year and dropping out. ….MORE