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Future Of Postsecondary Is Mobile And In Clouds

November 7th, 2011

Speakers at the recent EduCause conference, an event dedicated to “the intelligent use of information technology” in education, put a spotlight on mobile, social, and cloud-based learning technologies. These offerings address the desire for “convenience, affordability, 24/7 access, and flexibility” that is driving the 21% growth in online post-secondary enrollment.

Students As Customers Policy Shows Promise

November 7th, 2011


Treating students as “valued customers” helps to improves outcomes
A new report from the Center For American Progress outlines a process for “service blueprinting” in higher education, a process that will facilitate collaboration between key university administrators in order to create a “customer experience” for students that meets their needs for flexible schedules, offers marketable skills, and helps them complete their degrees quickly and cost-effectively.

CUNY Provides Analysis Of Effective College Remediation

November 7th, 2011


The Opposing Forces that Shape Developmental Education: Assessment, Placement, and Progression at CUNY Community Colleges
The developmental education process, as it is typically implemented in colleges across the country, seems straightforward: underprepared students are assessed and placed into an appropriate developmental course sequence designed to prepare them for college-level work; once finished with the sequence, these students presumably then move on to success in college. Analyses of student progression through developmental education reveal, however, that this seemingly straightforward process is rife with complexity and confusion, and results in poor outcomes for the majority of developmental students.