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No Difference In Earnings Between A Bachelors Or Technical Degree?

November 15th, 2011

Guet Blogger: Sander Daniels

Today we released new data showing that service professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn no more than those with a technical college degree.

 We were really surprised when we saw this data – the graphs in our report should illustrate the findings pretty well.

We surveyed 12,000 entrepreneurs listed on our site. These are carpenters, wedding photographers, Hindi tutors, and all other kinds of local service professionals nationwide.

 As expected, the average hourly rate earned by these individuals rises with increasing educational achievement – except that those with an undergraduate degree earn exactly the same amount as those with just a technical college degree.

We’ve also included our estimates of the minimum amount spent by the current service sector workforce on undergraduate degrees potentially worth no more than technical college degrees.