Posts published on April 26, 2012

Successful College On Line Will Be A Blend

Can online education’s future be both profitable, student-friendly?
Educational technology experts speculate that future successful online, for-profit, education companies will look like a blend of current sector giants, such as the University of Phoenix, and up-and-comer start-ups, such as Udacity and Coursera. The new online higher education model will also have to successfully prepare and credential students for gainful employment.

Economic Consequences Of Low Male College Completion

Men’s college degree attainment key to lowering U.S. unemployment According to David Autor, professor of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, “middle-skill jobs, typically well-paying work that doesn’t require extensive higher education, are vanishing.” While women are earning the degrees required for the new jobs our economy is creating, men’s degree attainment is growing at a slower rate.  Because there is a mismatch between employers’ demands for knowledge workers and the labor market supply, men without college degrees are a driving factor between high unemployment rates in the U.S.