Posts published on July 26, 2012

Should States Force College Mergers?

Campus Mergers Bring Big Changes but Questionable Savings
For years, states have merged public college campuses, nearly always for financial reasons. The logic seems unassailable: Maintaining fewer schools should cost less money. But consolidation doesn’t necessarily yield savings. And yet a few states, constrained by the lackluster economy and tight budgets, are reluctantly traveling down that road. ( States Force College Mergers?

College Too Easy For Some Students

Is college too easy?
“Over the past half-century, the amount of time college students actually study — read, write and otherwise prepare for class — has dwindled from 24 hours a week to about 15, survey data show. And that invites a question: Has college become too easy? Ashley Dixon, a sophomore at George Mason University, anticipated more work in college than in high school. Instead, she has less. In a typical week, Dixon spends 18 hours in classes and another 12 in study. All told, college course work occupies 30 hours of her week. Dixon is a full-time student, but college, for her, is a part-time job.”