Posts published on February 5, 2015

Good Part Time Jobs For College Students


By:  Jane Hurst

With so many different types of part-time jobs available, you don’t have to be the stereotypical starving college student. In fact, you can make pretty good money, have the flexibility to attend classes, study, and still have a social life.

Here are some of the top picks for part-time jobs for college students.

  • Resident Assistant – If you live in the dorm, you may want to consider becoming a resident assistant (RA). You not only get a wage, but you also can get great discounts on your own room and board (or even get it for free). You get to work from “home”, and you will likely make a lot of good friends.
  • Waiter/Waitress – You can actually make a pretty decent living as a waiter or waitress, even if you are only working part-time. There is also a lot of flexibility. For instance, if you have morning and afternoon classes, you can work at a dinner restaurant or a bar. Not only will you make a salary, you will also get some pretty good tips.
  • Paid Internships – A great way to earn extra money, and learn more about your chosen career, is to get into a paid internship. You won’t have to work full-time, because employers realize that you are pursuing your education. But, you will earn money, and get valuable on the job training.
  • Babysitter – Taking care of kids is a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time. You can also get extra study time with this type of job, because you are on your own once the kids go to bed at night.
  • Start Your Own Cleaning Business Starting a cleaning business can be a profitable, fun and flexible opportunity when you’re at college, because the start-up costs are low & the hours are flexible for students.
  • Independent Sales Consultant – There are loads of companies who are looking for independent sales reps. For instance, you could sell Avon, or maybe Scentsy candles. Or, you could sell adult products through Fantasia parties. There are many opportunities here. You just have to pick one and start selling.
  • Dog/House Sitter – People will pay well for trustworthy people to care for their homes and pets while they are away. In fact, you could earn upwards of $100 per day. Make up some flyers and put them in mailboxes, on cars, on bulletin boards, etc. Don’t forget to advertise through social media as well. Always be careful when working in someone’s home, and find out their background before going for your own safety.
  • Retail – Go to your nearest mall, and you are likely to find many stores that are looking for part-time help. You can often get jobs that allow you to work evenings and weekends, so you still have plenty of time to attend classes.
  • Tutor – There are many different ways that you can tutor others. You can tutor other college students who are taking courses you have already taken. Or, you can tutor online, or offer your services to high school or younger students who need extra help with their studies.
  • Freelancer – This is a great way to make money without ever having to leave your dorm or apartment. You also get to set your own hours. As long as you have a computer, there is bound to be some sort of freelance work you can do. If you love to write, there are thousands of clients looking for article writers. If you are good at IT, there are freelance positions available. Go online and start searching today.

Byline:Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot.