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Top 5 Most Common Student Hobbies that Can Boost Up Your Career

June 8th, 2015


By Melissa Burns

While you’re enjoying your college or university years, a good hobby may not be something that you find serious. Without a doubt, you’re extremely busy with essays, research papers and even dissertation (as well as a bunch of the other academic works) to make time for any hobby. But the fact is that providing your hobby on your Curriculum Vitae list can become an amazing opportunity to get a dream job! The whole point is that this information enables the hiring manager to get a right perspective on your professional skills. Besides, hobbies are a great way to relax and let all the stresses go. So, what kind of hobbies can become your “golden ticket” to the position you’ve been longing for?

Learning a Foreign Language

Considering the frames of the globalization, it is always a good idea to learn a foreign language. Whether you will have to travel for a holiday or work, you will have an opportunity to interact with the other people in the region you’re in. What is more, language is a perfect way to know more about the local traditions and culture. Your efficient knowledge of the foreign language will prove that you’re ready to master new things and are absolutely open to absorb new information.  Your prospective employers will make sure that you can easily fit into a multicultural environment.

– Cars Addiction

A lot of people love cars. And when they’re being asked about the reasons of this passion, the answers turn to be diverse. While some of the car addicts admire the aesthetic look of the shiny toys, the others are extremely great at the cars’ history and can easily name the full list of car logos as well as provide detailed descriptions for the four-wheel drive. Some guys are good at such a puzzle work as car diagnosing. All this can a free card to the car industry!

– Team Sport

Playing a team sport is a truly energizing hobby. But together with that, it is a great opportunity to keep fit and healthy. Your prospective employer will like the idea that you are a good team player since it means you will do great when working with the other people to meet various corporative goals. So, make sure to give enough time for a team sport when being occupied with your Masters degree.

– Blogging

If you are passionate about writing, blogging is what the doctor ordered! While some people find it a complete waste of time when the question is about posting blog articles, the others enjoy every aspect of writing. The thing is that due to the lack of time, the employer is not going to read all of your essays and term papers. That is why a personal blog is the best way to enlighten your employer on what you’re interested in and what motivates you every single day.

– Volunteering

A lot of companies are on the lookout for the young specialists, who have relevant experience in handling and managing people from all possible walks of life. Volunteering will provide you with the required knowledge, which can be obtained either in local soup kitchen, charity shop or elsewhere.

If your views on taking a college or university hobby are still skeptical, think twice. The point is that a good hobby can not only attract many interviews, but also help your career go up. Thus, you will have the desired luxury to select the best job offer.

Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008. Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Her sphere of interests includes startups, information technologies and how these ones may be implemented in the sphere of education. You may contact Melissa: