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4 Incredible Ways to Get Student Discounts

June 9th, 2015

By Rochelle Ceira

 Student discounts are most commonly awarded to college students who are either wealthy enough to afford college or are able to incur a huge amount of debt. You cannot deny the fact that nothing saves you money like a conservative student discount. When you are a student, every penny counts. Thanks to the rapid growth of discount apps, loyalty programs and mailing lists, you’ve got more choices than ever before.

 Here is a brief guide on how you can avail student discounts and pay as little as you can and save as much as you can:

1)    .edu Email Address

Almost every academic institution in the world has a website. Most of these institutions enable students to create email accounts. Getting an edu email address is imperative for you because it is the main requirement of many student discount offers. At times, when universities and colleges do not provide their students with .edu email accounts, they offer a forwarding service. Every now and then you may receive tons of emails regarding student discounts and sales in your inbox. You can avail these offers and enjoy the perks of being a student.

2)    DreamSpark

Microsoft has a special program for students called DreamSpark. DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. You can either be a college or university student to take advantage of this program. All you have to do is simply create an account, verify your student status and download the software from the website free of cost. You can also get access to different software applications if your college or university has a subscription.

3)    NUS Cards

No doubt NUS cards are one of the most widely used cards in the world. When you register with your university you will get a Standard NUS card (National Union of Students). It is simply an ID card which is normally used at the library. It will also help you get into different events and allow you to take advantage of various facilities that are provided to students only.

It is completely free and it comes with a lot of discount offers. You’ll be amazed to see how it does wonders even with local companies.


4)    NUS Extra

 Unlike the simple NUS Card which is free, the NUS Extra card requires an annual cost of £12. Stats show that you’ll save about £523/year with this card. This is the reason why it is recognized as the number one student discount card.

You’ll get exclusive discounts with hundreds of big names such as Amazon, McDonalds, Ticketmaster, Superdrug, Domino’s Pizza, Dissertation Avenue, etc. The complete list can be found here. With a meager £12/year, it is certainly a bang for the buck.

Make sure this card is in your wallet at all times so that you can avail all sorts of exciting offers and discounts.

Though there are tons of other student discount cards available like UNiDAYS, StudentDiscounts, ISIC and many more but the NUS cards beat them all in terms of variety, discounts and perks that are offered. Enjoy and get the student discount for as long as your student life lasts.

Rochelle Ceira is a professional consultant with extensive experience in the education sector. When not working, she invests her time analyzing latest ed-tech trends and ways on how those trends can be implemented.