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10 Edu Blogs for Students to Check Before the Semester Starts


August has come.

This last summer month is very intensive for students, as a rule: they have limited time to take rest but still get ready for a new semester. Reading some interesting and useful content could help them combine both tasks and spend August profitably.

We know students spend much time on the Internet: social media, games, applications, new friends, and collaboration – the World Wide Web provides temptations that are hard to resist. Fortunately, there are many cool blogs, both entertaining and educative ones, for students to check before the semester starts: they share many tips and tricks on getting ready for a new academic year, they’ve been created by young and successful millennials who understand students and their needs perfectly, and they are worth reading to learn new things and become more productive in college.


Let us share the ten most popular blogs for students.

1) Cal’s Study Hacks Blog – for those looking for study tips

Cal Newport started his blog in 2007 when he was a Ph.D candidate at MIT. He writes articles that help students develop effective study habits and shares advice on successful college life organization. Cal hasn’t updated his blog recently, but he still answers direct questions students may have on study, and all tips he shared with readers are still available online to check and keep in mind.

2) Stefanie’s Blog – for those looking for saving money in college

Stefanie is a theater actress and freelance writer from New York City. She found the blog to provide tips and advice with students who would like to know how to save money in college but still build wealth after graduation. Step by step, Stefanie shares her personal experience on surviving in a big city with young people who want to know all secrets of well-being for those studying in colleges and universities.

3) Lindsey’s Blog – for those looking for jobs in college

Many students believe that college life is about fun and partying, but they still understand the importance of education for getting a job and building a career. Lindsey Pollak is a corporate consultant and bestselling author who helps students overcome the fear of unemployment after college: she manages a blog where shares advice on networking, searching for jobs, maintaining social media profiles, and more.

4) Emily’s Reviews Blog – for those looking for writing help in college

Emily Johnson is a graduate of University of Northern Colorado who lives in New York now, reviews writing services for students on the Web, and writes articles where shares tips and tricks to ease academic writing for young people. Emily’s blog is a perfect place to check for those looking for writing help, writing tips, and advice on creating good essays, theses, and other types of academic papers.

5) College Dieting Blog – for those looking for staying fit in college

For some students, college life equals sleepless nights, junk food, tons of coffee while writing assignments, and many other things their health would not be thankful for. That’s why College Dieting may be a very interesting blog for them to check: this platform will not share well-known fitness facts but provide inspirational information to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6) Lauren’s Blog – for those looking for making the most of internship

Lauren Berger helps students find and apply for internships. Her blog provides advice on searching for internships and making the most of this experience. She launched the website in 2009, doing her best to share useful and up-to-date information with young people who wanted to continue studying after college. Lauren calls her blog “Intern Queen”, and she is indeed.

7) Henrik’s Positivity Blog – for those looking for inspiration and motivation to study

Henrik Edberg lives in Sweden, and he has been managing this blog since 2006. Henrik writes and shares practical advice on social skills, improving happiness, reducing stress, and simplifying life, which can be useful for many students to check. This positive guy is also the author of five courses, and one can find them at his blog, too.

8) Hey! Success Blog – for those looking for more opportunities in college

This blog will become a great helper for students who look for more opportunities when in college: events, projects, competitions, scholarships, internships, and more. Many universities and organizations post their programs here to let students apply and choose the best fit. Hey Success Blog is useful for students who don’t believe having a degree will be enough for a successful career.


9) Lifehacker’s Blog – for those looking for exciting and productive time in college

Lifehacker is a must-read blog for young people who want to improve their lives through technology: this platform shares useful information and resources that could help students make the process of study easier and more exciting, and it gives knowledge to let students take the most of modern technologies for effective and productive time.

10) Jenny’s Blog – for those looking for good life after college

Graduation is not the end of life but its beginning. Jenny Blake will help students focus on the BIG picture of their life after college by providing simple and practical tips on the topic. Career, relationships, goals, happiness – her blog teaches and inspires to live at full speed.

Certainly, these ten blogs are not the limit; and students know many other interesting platforms on the Web by all means. If you have some cool blogs and websites in view, please share them in comments. Some comments on the above mentioned platforms for students are also welcomed.

By Lesley Vos, a private educator and online tutor who helps students reach their academic goals. Lesley writes blogs on education, productivity, writing, and career; and you are always welcome to drop her a message on Google+