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How to Start Learning Better and Faster In College

February 10th, 2016

By Andrew Howe

 The educational process needs both time and efforts, so most students give up studying. The problem is they don’t know how to boost productivity and inspiration, and if you are among them, it’s high time to understand how to start learning better and faster.

Here are several productivity tips for students:

 Stick to a Schedule

 By communicating with recent graduates, you can learn what helped them succeed in education. And, believe it or not, but most graduates would agree that schedule helps a lot in the educational process organization. Although you have your lessons scheduled, you might forget about the need to stick to a schedule while studying at home.

Remember: it’s nearly impossible to stay focused when you don’t have time limits for completing tasks. Thus, sticking to a schedule is a must. For example, you can get rid of different distractions (social media, TV, calls, etc.), and dedicate 2-3 hours to learning. Once your tasks are done, you can relax and spend time with friends. It boosts not only productivity but motivation as well.

 Workplace Organization

Being a student means trying to succeed in education and personal communication. Although most students sacrifice the quality of their education, trying to find time to spend with friends, and workplace organization can help to save both time and efforts.

If your writing desk has no distractions, it’s more likely you can study faster and complete tasks on a high level. Just form a habit to clean your desk daily and find a place for every item you use daily: hide notes, put books on bookshelves, throw away drafts, and keep utensils in one place.

Make the Most Out of Devices

 Living in the digital era, the educational process has changed, so students spend most of the time doing home assignments with the digital technologies. There is no need to say that students write essays, read books, and even keep on learning online. However, not so many of them use all modern gadgets that might save time and help them become more productive.

To start learning better and faster, pay attention to the following devices:


  • A smartpen. It helps to transfer handwritten texts into digital copies. Plus, it can be used as a calculator or an audio recorder if needed.


  • An E-reader. Nowadays there is no need to carry heavy books with you. Download it to your E-reader and start reading it! Now you can read books, articles, and notes wherever you are.


  • Noise-canceling headphones. To get rid of distractions, it’s enough to take noise-canceling headphones that reduce ambient sounds. It helps students study better.


E-Learning and M-Learning

Although MOOCs are becoming more popular nowadays, people start thinking about m-learning as well. Let’s be real: being an iPhone owner, it’s easy to get different educational tools and apps that might help you succeed in education. Plus, you can use it wherever you are. M-Learning has a range of reasons, so the number of students who are involved is getting higher.

Actually, online education helps to save time, efforts, and money. Once you pick a course or an app, start learning something new. It’s easier than never.

To learn more about the best apps for your iPhone, check out a list of apps for college students.

Collaboration with Other Students

 Although some teachers are against such ‘tasks sharing’, it’s important to remember that students learn how to act as a team and, therefore, it’s a great team-building tool. Collaborating with other students, you can share your knowledge, get an insight, broaden the mind, and get things done faster.

Plus, while some students are afraid of asking additional questions to teachers, they can rely on their group mates to understand the material better. All in all, it helps to deeper learning and understanding, so you start learning better.

Final Thoughts

 Being productive, you can achieve success in education and, therefore, start living a better life. There is one important thing for you to remember and keep in mind while studying: it’s you who need to obtain strong knowledge, so roll up your sleeves and boost productivity once and for all!

 Author’s bio: Andrew Howe is a student at Queens University of Charlotte where he studies language and literature. He has developed a useful tool Adverbless to give students a chance to improve their writing skills.

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