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Benefits of Taking a Part-Time Job when at College

David Gutierrez

Taking into account the ever-growing costs of higher education, it is no wonder that more and more students consider taking up a part-time job to be more of a necessity than conscious decision. However, if you are still in doubt whether to do it yourself, here are 5 reasons to follow through with this decision.

1.    Money

This point is kind of self-explanatory – the very reason why you sing up for this thing is to get some extra cash – to cover the costs of studying and living, and probably to increase the quality of your life a little bit. For some people it will be the first legitimately earned money; for those who practiced working part-time at high school it will be continuation of a previous experience, but one thing can be said for certain – when at college, any money you can get is more than welcome.

2.    Discipline

All in all, your time in college isn’t for all intents and purposes a part of entirely adult life. You are still kind of playing around, you are given a lot of leeway, you have many opportunities to do things for no other reason than that you want to. Having to work for somebody who expects results, not good marks, from you, can serve as a sobering experience. As simple thing as the need to follow the workplace health and safety regulations can do wonders in teaching you discipline.

3.    Time Management

According to Benjamin Franklin, if you want something done, you have to ask a busy person. Paradoxically, but the less free time one has, the more he usually manages to do. When you have to deal with your part-time job in addition to your studies, you have to use extra effort to complete every assignment on time and, in the long run, it will lead to a better ability to plan your time and use it wisely. The less free time you have, the more effectively you use it.

4.    Start in Your Industry

Getting a part-time job allows you to start out in your chosen industry earlier than most of your classmates. You can spend this time acquiring useful knowledge about your chosen career, establishing networks of contacts within it, and improving your resume in general.

5.    Experience

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget mentioning such straightforward thing as experience. While working part-time while at college, you acquire valuable practical knowledge both in terms of better understanding the chosen industry and in terms of being in an actual working environment. You will have to deal with real people, solve real problems, learn real skills – not the theoretical ones taught at college. If something can serve as an introduction to an adult life, getting a job early on surely will do the trick.

On the surface, a part-time job during college is nothing more than a source of some extra ready cash. However, when you take a closer look, it is much more than that – it is an introduction to further life, a source of valuable experience, a test drive for your skills in real world. Don’t waste an opportunity to use it.

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