Posts published on June 27, 2016

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Higher Education


After graduating high school, many students around the globe are faced with the age-old question: what is the best college for me? Of course, there is a lot that goes into this search – many people call it the “college path”. Determining which colleges offer the necessary courses for your major, applying for financial aid, applying for various colleges, and many students go as far as to visit the college to get a first-hand look at the university lifestyle.

However, this research is important, because a recent study has shown that the average cost of in-state tuition was $19,548 in 2015. As these numbers are on the rise, it is vital to be fully prepared before diving into the college world. With this in mind, I wanted to share three questions you should ask before choosing which university to attend.

What is Your Learning Style?

This question should always be asked when wanting to learn new skills, as it may determine whether or not your education will pay off. Of course, acquiring a college education is better than nothing, but finding which college will mesh with your learning style can push you over the top. For example, many teaching professionals are utilizing a new way of teaching called “Gamification” which has shown to harbor rather positive results among students, especially in the largely technologically-driven era in which we live.

Should You Attend a Small or Large University?

The answer to this question may boil down to personal preferences, but it is important to investigate the differences between large and small universities. Small universities often have a much more intimate learning environment where students and professors tend to be much more intertwined. Whereas, larger universities have a much more robust environment, and can offer more courses that will fit the degree you seek. It is important to understand that it is completely normal for a student to study their general courses at a smaller university, and then transfer to a larger university to finish out the course of their degree.

What is Your Endgame?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask when preparing to dive into the college realm. What is your endgame? This question may not be fully answered until you are a few years deep into acquiring your degree, but this question should always be in the front of your mind. Think specifics. What exactly do you hope to gain from your education? What career path are you aspiring to follow? What does this career path require? Answering these questions throughout the course of your college education will help you sail through your education without having to backtrack to take additional courses that may have been missed before.

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Author Bio: Taylor Tomita is a creative writer residing in Boise, Idaho, focusing on various angles of education and business. When Taylor is not writing you can find Taylor touring in the band Stepbrothers, or hanging out at home with his cat. Follow him on Twitter!