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6 Proven Academic Productivity Tools for College Students


Effective organization and time management are important elements of a student’s success. Luckily, there are a great number of great productivity tools for students. They can help you achieve the best results in class and enjoy leading an active social life.

Here is an overview of some of the best academic and personal productivity tools available today:

Traditional Tools

Free Book Notes

This in one of the best online productivity tools for students as it gives you access to a huge library of summaries and study guides for a variety of textbooks and books. It’s going to be a great help when you don’t have the time to finish your reading list but want to learn everything it can offer.

The repository of novel guides is especially huge, so you will definitely find a guide and/or summary of the book you seek.


A whiteboard is a fantastically effective helper in organizing your schedule as well as working on complex projects. You can use it in a great number of ways, such as stick key-notes to it when developing an outline of a paper.

You can also use it to make sure you don’t forget about any everyday tasks. Another idea is to turn it into your inspiration board. Use your imagination and utilize a whiteboard for maximum productivity based on your personal needs.

Custom Self Adhesive Labels

The life of a student is not only about studying. Organizing your personal items is as important as organizing your notes. Custom-printed, self-adhesive labels will help you do both. They can also make this process much more fun, because you can design the labels any way you like.

There are specialized companies that produce these items at a highly affordable price. Take a look at the Data Label self-adhesive sticky labels service to see what options you have to choose from.

Custom printed labels make such good productivity tools for students because they are extremely versatile. You can use them for anything, from marking your personal items when sharing a flat with a roommate, to organizing your study materials, to promoting your own small business, club, band, or initiative.

Digital Solutions


This is one of the truly essential productivity tools for students as it helps you format academic papers. It can generate citations in any style, as well as offers a variety of guides on the subject.

This online tool will ensure all your sources are cited right, regardless of whether it’s a website, video, journal, or any other type of source. It supports all common formats, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and dozens of other specialized paper formats. Therefore, every student will find exactly what they need to format their paper perfectly and quickly.


Anki is an extremely useful app available for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It allows you to create flash cards to facilitate memorization. It’s one of the best productivity tools for students preparing for exams, as it can help you memorize lots of facts and dates.

The secret to the efficiency of this app is the ‘spaced repetition’ system that can assess how well you remember each card.

With Anki, you can create flashcards using any kind of media (text, videos, audio, and photos). The system will flash a card at specific intervals, so that you see it again right when you are about to forget it. It works great for both memorizing new cards and reviewing the ones you already know.


Zoho is an online portal where you can find a wide selection of not only productivity tools for students but also apps to help you manage any kind of task. As so many young people today start their first business right from college, Zoho is a truly invaluable source of assistance. There you can find efficient apps for anything from bookkeeping to digital marketing to expense tracking.

Zoho offers different kinds of mobile apps, programs that can be integrated into Google Apps, and even programs for Apple Watch. This online tool can boost your productivity in classes, life, and business with equal efficiency.

So, What Are the Best Productivity Tools for Students?

It’s impossible to determine which tool works best because every person is unique and has their own individual needs and habits. If you want to achieve the heights of productivity, you should try different methods and pick the ones that work for you personally. These tools will definitely ease your way towards success in life, studying, and business.

Sylvia Kohl is an IT teacher with more than 7 years of professional experience. Her main spheres of interest are e-education and beta-testing. This writer chose news about the increasing role of IT usage in colleges and schools as the most common topic for her articles.