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5 Free Online Resources to Help Students Combat Anxiety

March 1st, 2017


Anxiety is the most common mental health challenge facing college students. As anyone who suffers from the panic, fear, and helpless feelings associated with the various forms of anxiety knows, it can be crippling.

There is still an unjustified stigma associated with anxiety and mental health challenges in general, but there is help to be found online.

These 5 free online resources offer you the help you or a friend may need.

Research websites

As a college student, you are going to spend a lot of your time, researching, and learning new concepts.

If you feel like you are suffering from anxiety, or perhaps that a friend might be in trouble, then this broad, detailed website is a good place to start your research.

It covers the root of anxiety, different types of anxiety and multiple self-help techniques designed to help you overcome that overwhelming panic.

Training program

MoodGym is a free resource that is ideal if you are looking for ways to learn about depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges that the modern student must face.

As the name suggests, this website is designed as a training room to help you learn techniques and strengthen elements of your own psyche to overcome your “negative” feelings.

This is an ideal starting point if you are aware that you do suffer from anxiety and are looking for ways to overcome your challenges on your own.


There are loads of benefits associated with downloading an anxiety treatment and support app like This Way Up.

Focused specifically on social phobias and social anxiety, this app is like having an anxiety specialist in your pocket. You can access help at any time and people will never know – they will just assume you’re looking at something on your phone.

This easy-to-use, simple program offers a blend of comics and classroom type lessons – just like the lectures you already attend.


There are thousands of free eBooks available that are written on almost any topic from business development to pest control and, of course, overcoming anxiety.

Written mostly in the self-help style, these are great resources to help you digest your fears and figure out what is holding you back.

Another great benefit of this type of eBook is that they offer you mobility – you don’t have to book time with a therapist to discuss anything. Instead, simply add a chapter to your daily reading and you’ll start feeling better because you understand what’s happening.


If you do feel like sharing your feelings anonymously within a forum, then find one that is suited to your needs. These are all free and will allow you to express yourself without the pressure of interaction.

Access help

The important thing to remember if you are feeling anxious is that you are not alone. Thousands of students have the same fears and phobias that you do.

Use the resources above and find something that works for you – the Internet is a big place and it’s full of people who are trained and ready to help you find yourself again.

 Kimberly Evans is a writer, traveler and Internet chatter. She writes for The Huffington Post and covers stories about businesses and lives that inspire her.