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8 Ways To Choose The Best College Courses

March 2nd, 2017



There’s no doubt college is going to be completely different experience from high school. Not only are there hundreds of different courses to choose from, but you’re expected to pick them all by yourself. Planning and covering all the fields you find interesting could get tedious. So, here are eight simple tips that could help you select the best courses:


  1. Consider all options

Again, there’s a lot of options in college and the only way to break them down is through a process of elimination. Start by eliminating courses that you’re either ineligible for or not interested in. Then pick the ones you’re most passionate about and create a ranked list.


  1. Create a schedule

You might be interested in a number of different classes, but you don’t want any of the classes to clash. Aim for about four or five courses throughout the semester and pick the ones that are spread out over the week. This leaves you with enough of time to get rest and catch up with notes.


  1. Speak to an adviser

Colleges always have an adviser on hand to help you out. If you’re confused about the courses or setting the schedule, speak to the college adviser. They can’t answer everything but at least they can guide you through the process and make things a little bit easier.


  1. Check eligibility

Whether you’re studying advanced calculus or environmental journalism, you need to meet the criteria to be accepted onto the course. Your educational background and scores will help you eliminate a ton of courses and narrow the focus down to the ones that suit you best.


  1. Strike the right balance

If you’re over enthusiastic, you may be tempted to jump into challenging courses head-first. Difficult courses will take up too much of your time later in the semester and could make you feel burned out. Instead, try to strike the right balance.  Start slowly, work your way up, and pick classes that require different types of assignments so you can multitask.


  1. College credits

AP or IB programs could have helped you gain some college credits in high school. These useful credits can help you meet the core requirements in certain fields, which will make picking a class much easier.


  1. Work on your writing skills

Take at least one writing class during the semester. Writing is an incredibly underappreciated skill that’s just as valuable in the corporate world as it is in academia. Regardless of the course you pick, writing is a crucial skill you’ll always need.


  1. Plan ahead

The earlier you register the more likely you are to get a seat in the classes you really want. Plan ahead and sign up for classes as early as possible.

Picking the perfect courses and classes in college is not easy. You’re probably too young to make this crucial decisions without a few mistakes. But follow these eight tips and focus on your passion to figure out where you fit in.

Bio: Kate Larson is a college student and aspiring blogger, who takes care about the environment and personal well-being. She enjoys travelling and reading, as well as writing novels.