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How College Students Can Pay For Surgery

August 30th, 2017


Health is something you can never take for granted. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, you can need medical help at any point of your life. It is true that a surgery can cause a huge drain in the finances and hence it is dreaded by one and all. But it is particularly worse when you are a college student with a hectic life, academic pressure, possible student loan and often a job that can barely support you. When life is already on a budget, a surgery can burn a huge hole in the pocket. But if you do need one, here are some tips that might prevent you from going totally broke.

Work out your insurance

The importance of health insurance cannot be more stressed on. Whether you are generally healthy or tend to get sick does not matter. It is crucial to invest in a good health insurance plan for times like these. Pick a plan very carefully to ensure that it covers a wide range of treatments and surgeries. If you already have one, talk to the insurance company and what and how much of your medical expenses will they cover. There are higher chances that you will be able to get through easily with the help of your insurance. If you do not have one yet, and cannot afford one either, check if you can get into your parents’ insurance plan.

Check for affordable or free health care around you

Often college towns have plenty of affordable health care options which students can use, especially in case of emergencies. These ensure that a student does not have to miss out on treatment just because he or she has already invested quite a large sum of money in building up a career. Even if you do not live in a popular college town, there is always a chance of finding free health care or at least affordable options around you. You can talk to senior centers, subsidised facilities, homeless shelters etc. because these are often most aware of free or cheaper health care options. Thus you can get standard medical service without draining your finances completely.

Student Assistance Programs

A number of universities, and even some organisations, have student assistance programmers to help students out of their financial binds. Often it requires you to have good grades or a certification of character from your university, but if you are genuinely in need of money for your surgery which you cannot afford, there are chances that you can get a decent amount of help from these programmers. Once you get through to them, you can easily get help by providing all the necessary proofs of you being a student at the particular university, as well as prescriptions proving your medical condition and need for surgery.

Do your research

Before you panic, do some research on the costs of surgery and medical treatments in different states and different kinds of facilities. For instance, a Rhinoplasty in San Jose wouldn’t cost the same as one in Orange County. Also, it wouldn’t have the same results. Only proper research can help you find more affordable options for the same medical procedure. For this you need to plan in advance so it is not the best idea in case of an emergency. You also need to ensure that you are fit to travel. It can be a tedious process but you will definitely be able to get the best you can afford.

When you need a surgery, it is important to keep your calm and look into affordable options instead of panicking about your finances.

Byline:- Gloria Watson ’24 grew up in Texas and graduated from University of Texas. Nowadays, she’s a freelance writer whose aim to write article on computers and school education today.