Posts published on January 15, 2018

5 Reasons to Continue Studying After Your Degree


Are you a college student who is about to graduate, and wondering what your next move should be in life? Or, have you been out of college for a few years and are considering going back? There are many benefits to having multiple degrees, so there are all kinds of great reasons to continue studying and learning, even after you have earned your degree. If you are considering getting another degree, here are some good reasons to help you make your decision.


  1. Increased Earning Potential – The more education you have, the greater your future earning potential is going to be. For instance, according to the United States Census Bureau, someone who has a master’s degree has the potential to earn $200 or more per work than someone who just has a bachelor degree. When you look at this in the long term, it is tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t go for that extra degree. The more degrees you have, the higher your earning potential will be.
  2. Do Something You Love – Maybe you have really enjoyed your college experience, and you aren’t quite ready for it to end. Obviously, we aren’t suggesting that you become a professional student and find ways to spend the rest of your life in school. But, if you really enjoy college, and you want to continue learning, one of the best things you can do is apply for graduate school and get your master’s degree. Also, you are going to be learning even more about something that you love, and it is going to help ensure that you are able to work in your field of choice. Every test you take, and every essay you write, is going to bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams.
  3. Define Your Career Goal – Maybe you haven’t quite decided exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. If you are receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree for instance, this is just a stepping stone to the next level of education. You may have studied a variety of things, without any clear career path in mind. When you work towards a second degree, you will be better able to define your career goal, and you will also have more time in which to do it. Having an extra year or two of study time is a great way to really decide what area you would like to specialize in.
  4. Do it For Your Career – Some careers involve several years of study, and more than one degree. For instance, if you have graduating from medical school, you may be considering taking up a specialty. In order to do this, you are going to need to go back to school and get a degree in that particular specialty. “It is the same if you are in a dentistry program. Maybe you want to specialize in working with children. For that, you are going to need special training that you won’t get in regular dental school,” says an expert from
  5. Demonstrate a Work Ethic – When you have multiple degrees, it shows that you have a very strong work ethic. It shows that you have ambition, and a drive to succeed and get ahead. This is something that potential employers are looking for. The more degrees you have, the better your chances are of landing your dream job, because you are able to show that you are willing to work hard to get ahead and have a great career in the field of your choice. When you can show that you are willing to work that hard in school, it is a good indication of what you are going to do on the job.

Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and elearning specialist.