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Out On Your Own: Renting Your First Apartment


Life truly is a series of milestones. From the first day of kindergarten to college graduation, time stops for nothing. Of all the special moments in one’s life, stepping into a new home is unbelievably exciting. The keys to a new apartment are not just for opening the door–they’re a trophy to be proud of. Each room of a new home is a blank canvas. There’s the kitchen where gourmet meals are discovered, the living room where holiday mornings are celebrated, and the bedroom where comfort finds a home. To really make a house a home it’s important to choose a location carefully. Once you’ve decided to put down roots, finding a new home is a breeze.

Taking the steps to live alone can be dramatic or blissful depending on the circumstances. Maybe a career change brings about a location change, maybe true love draws you to another city. Whatever the reason, have a look at what neighborhood suits your interests best. Cities once considered old news have evolved into hip cultural centers!

Before you set out to find a new apartment, make sure everything in your life is in order. It’s vital to have a good chunk of money saved up for moving expenses. Between new furniture, moving trucks, and first bills, a new move can get expensive. The most important factor in finding a great apartment? A great credit score. Credit worthiness is always important, but it’s most important when searching for a home.

An apartment is the best choice for someone just starting out in the journey of adulthood. Have a problem with an appliance or plumbing? Call the landlord and have them take care of it. Trash gets taken care of with your standard rent payment. Apartment complexes are great for making new friends. Any location with a pool is going to be the place to be when the weather heats up!

When searching for an apartment, choose a complex that utilizes an online rental application. Online applications save time and allow an answer to be received before wasting time on a search. If a new job is the reason for a move, time is of the essence. An online app can check credit scores and approve renters quicker than any old paper system ever could. It’s not like it used to be, sitting in an office waiting for a slow response. With basically everything moving to an online platform, rental applications work much better over a computer. Fax machines and printed applications are way out of date.

There’s only one first time move-in. Turning the key of your brand new apartment door should be one of the greatest experiences of youth! Can’t you picture the amazing housewarming party? When it comes time to make the move, choose the best complex possible. Search online, apply online and make the journey to a new home a fun one!

Anthony Masterton is a young entrepreneur trying to break through in the Tech world. When he’s not working on growing his young startup, he writes about everything from tech advancements to his own experiences as a young CEO. A self starter, he likes to help others learn from his own successes and failures, as it’s always easiest to learn from experience.


How online certifications will make you more employable

By Anton Lucanus

MOOCS or ‘massive open online courses’ are large classrooms available online to many people at the same time, for free. This type of learning increases the exposure of students to many different opportunities they otherwise may not have had the chance to participate in.

But, the regular classroom is not the only location online training is occurring in. Some employers are also offering the opportunity to continue growth online as well, and are increasingly seeking graduate candidates with specific online training course completion. These can be in the form of online training for employers, which can help an employer keep ahead of the competition, the ITIL Foundation Certification Training is an example of this type of training opportunity. However, it’s not the only online course out there which can provide a competitive edge.

Lean IT, developed from lean manufacturing strategies, is relatively new on the certification scene, but it’s been growing in popularity. The value of the lean methodology comes from its ability to limit scopes and deliver solutions which can help cut down waste in different areas of the business – like costs, time and even security issues. Certification for lean IT usually consists of distinct certifications for various job levels, from general IT professionals working with support, all the way up to CTO’s and other leadership positions.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) also provide online certifications for IT professionals. While ISO certifications often fall on the expensive end of the training scale, ISO/IEC certifications are internationally recognised, and cover everything from general equipment maintenance to more complex skills, like ISDN training, data storage services and encryption security and cryptography.

By hiring candidates who’ve engaged with certification training, employers feel confident they’re acquiring a focused individual with training that specifically fits their role, and with the capabilities to effectively manage IT business operations.

The reality that many employers face is a changing technological field, with minimal understanding of how the technologies actually work. That is why, having a certified ITIL person, or someone with certification in something like Lean IT or the ISO standards is necessary for employers. Not only to connect the business with the technology that can help drive it forward, but to connect other employees with the knowhow of the electronics they use daily.

Employers can try to lure a certified professional to their company, or they can utilize their existing workforce to develop an internal professional network. Employers already have an internal goldmine at their fingertips, as most employees value the opportunity for additional training and growth. An employer can easily upskill their current pool of employees by offering online certification training on the job, resulting in a net benefit for both employees and the company.

Choosing to invest in an online certification for their current employee base, also offers a way for employers to save money. Paying for an employee to attend an online workshop minimizes the expenses in sending these same people to hotels or flying them to conferences. The money that is saved can actually be reinvested into the employees through wage improvements or incentives or hiring more employees at a lower rate for the ‘front-end’ staffing needs that are required.

When it comes to the development of a company, the IT department should be a part of the development that encourages growth, but it should also be focused on how utilizing online classrooms benefit the company overall.

Byline – Anton Lucanus is the Director of Neliti. During his college years, he maintained a perfect GPA, was published in a top cancer journal, and received many of his country’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarships. Anton writes for The College Puzzle as a means to share the lessons learnt throughout his degree and to guide current students to achieve personal and educational fulfilment during college life.