Posts published on January 19, 2018

Seeing the World and Boosting Your CV with Summer Volunteering


Would you like to spend your summer doing something that can make a real difference for someone, visiting exotic locales and improving your CV to boot? If so, then you are likely to find something suitable among many volunteering programs available for students. Although you can volunteer at any time of year, there are many programs that are created with students in mind, and they take into account that you are more likely to go abroad when you have no classes. Here are five excellent opportunities awaiting you next summer:

1.    Studying Marine Conservation Protocols First-Hand in Grenada

Marine conservation protocols may sound a bit intimidating, but this program is aimed at making the subject as interesting and exciting as possible. You can learn everything about current and future efforts at saving the fragile sea ecology from qualified biologists, all the while gaining first-hand experience in scuba diving and doing field research. By the end of the program, participants get a Divemaster Certificate and considerable time to get used to the equipment.

2.    Orphanage Volunteering in Tanzania

Tanzania, just like many other African countries, faces a lot of challenges nowadays, and a huge number of orphaned and homeless children is one of them. Many volunteering programs in Tanzania and the other African States at least partially deal with projects involving orphanages and education, where you can do something meaningful while meeting people from other backgrounds and truly seeing life from a completely different perspective. And in your free time, you will be able to take part in many other exciting activities available in this part of the world. Going on safari in Tanzania is not an experience to miss!

3.    Community Development Projects in Costa Rica

An excellent opportunity to assist with a variety of community development projects in the course of getting submerged into another culture. Potential projects include teaching, ecological conservation, building and renovation, childcare and more. Additionally, you will get an opportunity to get affordable Spanish lessons and plenty of time to explore the country on weekends, including visiting volcanoes, rainforests, white water rafting and sampling local cuisine.

4.    Teaching and Childcare in Thailand

Although Thailand has a robust and highly profitable tourist industry, poverty is nevertheless rife, especially in locations not boasting tourist attractions. By signing up for this volunteer program, you can help give the underprivileged children the much-needed care and help. One doesn’t have to possess any previous volunteering experience to make a difference in this program, and Thailand has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and interesting activities, ranging from rock-climbing and diving to visiting locals markets in search for exotic goods and meeting a lot of new people.

5.    Volunteer Work in India

If you are interested in helping local community while acquiring unforgettable first-hand experience of India and its people, this program is for you. A wide variety of projects, ranging from child care and orphanage work to women empowerment and English teaching are open for all who are willing to dedicate their time to them. On average, about 5-6 hours are spent doing the work according to your volunteering placement, and the rest of the time you are free to explore the fine and ancient city of Jaipur.

These programs are just a tip of the iceberg – the world is rife with opportunities to both broaden your horizons and make a meaningful difference in somebody else’s life. Don’t miss this opportunity to both acquire unforgettable experiences and see the world – it will certainly look better on your CV than yet another part-time job or a vacation trip.

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