Posts published on December 13, 2018

Guide to Building a Rock Solid Relationship with Your Teachers


Your English teacher always corrects your grammar. Your mathematics teacher urges you to improve your mental-math skills. I understand that it’s not easy to consider these grade-givers as real and ordinary people. But trust me, they binge on ice-cream, cheer for their favourite sports team and enjoy movies just like you do.

Thus, it’s no rocket science to build and maintain a good bond with your teachers. In fact it is very important for you to do so. Don’t forget, the letters of recommendation from your teachers will play a crucial role when you apply for higher studies or jobs in future. And, even if you put that aside, a teacher who remembers you and loves to keep to keep in touch even after you graduate out of college is like the sweetest thing ever.

You don’t have to shower your teachers with superfluous compliments, or with exorbitant presents like a pearl necklace to build a relationship with them. Nor would you have to be a pet and keep running after them. You can maintain your strong demeanour and individuality and still make a bond with your teachers which is perhaps for life. Here we have a few tips for to gradually build a bond.

  • Be courteous and respectful at all times

You have to show that you are enthusiastic about the subject and lessons if you wish to get into the good books of your teachers. Always maintain punctuality and good attendance for the classes and show a lot of energy and involvement while the class is in progress. Don’t forget your teachers work really hard to prepare for a lecture and try their best to share their knowledge with you. So they obviously appreciate it when you acknowledge their efforts. Contribute to the lectures by asking questions, sharing your views and taking down the notes.


  • Keep in touch with your teachers outside the classroom as well

Teachers are often bound by constraints of time and a strict professional protocol while they are lecturing in the class. If you approach them outside the class, you might be surprised to see that they are a lot more chilled out and friendlier. Interact with them about lessons you have doubts about or seek a little additional help for your weak sections. To keep it even more informal, strike a conversation about any upcoming college events or extra-curricular activities or ask for his/her feedback about your progress in the class.


  • Always try to stay one step ahead of others

It is important that you demonstrate that you are willing to walk the extra mile to excel in class. Always come with with some background of the lesson to be started before you arrive in class so as to be able to ask out-of-the-box and meaningful questions or go back after a lesson and do some additional research and raise some interesting questions in the next class. Trust me, not only will this get you the attention of your teacher, but will also put a great deal of pressure on your peers *winks*.


  • Take voluntary responsibilities and initiatives

Be active and full of energy in and outside the class. Show eagerness to lead or organize teams, to organize college events, to participate in cultural activities or to represent your college. Demonstrate that you are taking your college life seriously (which you actually should) are extremely excited to be the face of the college. Also, when you take up the responsibilities, you have to ensure that you deliver them with utmost perfection, so as to establish yourself as a competent and reliable student. And trust me, from the next time onwards, the teacher would call for you on her own.


  • Share your academic plans and goals with your teacher

A teacher always finds it amusing to interact with students who are smart and ambitious, ad who are passionate about their careers. So discuss what you intend to do in life with them, open up your heart about your future plans, take advices from them, ask them questions about what’s the best approach to fulfil your dreams and so on. This makes your teacher feel that you value their knowledge and expertise, and also that they hold a special place in your lives so as to be told about your personal plans.


  • Observe our peers who share a good bond with the teachers

Good observation is key to improvement and subsequent success in any front of life. So you need to keep your eyes and ears wide open. Keep an eye on your peers who have managed to build positive relationship with your teachers. Listen to what they do and talk about, or how they approach the teachers. This would give you an idea about what your teachers like and dislike, would reveal their areas of interests, and would surface their personalities. This would make it easier for you to shape your modify your behaviour and code of conduct.


You have to understand and accept that your teachers are there for you even beyond your homework, and there’s so much more to talk to them about other than your subject matters. There direct presence and involvement in your life can shape you as smarter adults, and at times can be a guardian who is there for you at all times. So go ahead, and take the first step towards building an enviable bond with your teacher.


Samantha Brown is a freelance writer who specializes on carrier guidance, she is also motivational speaker and author