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Getting an on-campus job can be the best thing to happen to you

January 9th, 2019


While your semester is going on in full session, the last thing that you would consider to be feasible is to take up the responsibilities of an on-campus job, as an add-on to your homework, classes and extra-curricular activities. But, you need to snap out of the ordinary thinking and look at the bigger picture. An on-campus job can turn out to be one of the best things to happen in your life.

Whether or not to take up the job? – Well, it’s your bank account that can give that answer for you.

Need more motivation? Here it goes…

More money means a more comfortable and happening college life

Hands down, the ‘making money’ factor is the most important whenever you look for a job at any point of time in life. Having enough money in your hand while in college is one of the most delightful pleasures in life, and this luxury can go a long way and be extremely beneficial if you know how to use it wisely. Whether it is to help your parents, or to sponsor your parties or to save for your higher education – this is one great way to build up the finances.

You’ll fall into a healthy schedule and learn to be systematic

Getting involved in a campus job right from your university days can shape you into a better more matured and systematic individual, who knows how to value and make the most of his/her time. A fixed schedule for the job would teach you how to optimize your time do as to be able to take care of academics, the job as well as your recreation time. You would learn to keep records and be very organized. These learnings would be an asset when you become a part of the corporate world in future. This systematic and accommodative attitude would keep you ahead of others in every aspect – whether it’s an urgent presentation, an early morning meeting or how to reimburse mileage in the most optimized way.

You’ll get to network with new groups

A campus job would open new doors and avenues for you to get connected with new people and form a fruitful network. If you make good use of your campus job’s tenure, your boss or supervisor may grow really fond of you and see a huge potential in you for a long-term collaboration. A good network would also help you get amazing recommendations for future opportunities.

It sounds pretty exciting isn’t it? So now, if you are all geared-up to get an on-campus job, it’s important to highlight here that it’s not always a cake-walk.

Thus, we have a few tips to help you bag that dream job of yours.

  • First and foremost, figure out what you want to do

Very honestly, list out what are the skills you possess, and what are the kinds of on-campus jobs that you can apply these skills to. If you are a water baby who is a pro swimmer, you can consider applying as the lifeguard for the university pool, or, if you are a hospitality student, or maybe your family owns a restaurant and you are familiar with the work, you can go for the dining hall.


  • Do not underestimate your resume

A lot of college student hunting for on-campus jobs make this mistake of absolutely ignoring the power of their resume just because it’s a campus job. Treat the application process with as much seriousness as you would for any other full-time job I the world. Thus, make your resume and cover letter as impactful as possible.


  • Always keep an eye on the university job board

Some universities maintain an online campus job portal, where they regularly update available openings for university students, while some others might have a physical campus job board where they put out posters or flyers regarding openings. You have to keep an eye on these resources at all times until you get the job you seek. Or, if there are any other programs or portals you need to enrol to for the campus jobs – do it without any delay, and keep your profile updated there.


  • Interact with peers who got their jobs

As mentioned before, networking and reaching out to people always works. If you have friends or classmates or even acquaintances for that matter who managed to get a job on your campus, do not be afraid to question them about their experience. Check with them to find out if they are aware of any other openings in their department. You may also request them to introduce you to their supervisor or manager to try your luck at impressing them. You need to sharpen your social and inter-personal skills to survive in this competitive world.


  • Seek help from your professors

If you are in very good terms with one or more professors, then you can make good use of this connection. This particularly helps if you have interest in joining an academic department as a fellow or assistant or maybe an intern. Interact with the professors, share your interests with them, and show them that you are really passionate about taking up the duties.

So it’s time you take the first step, and as I always believe – where there’s passion, opportunities open up on its own.

Believe in yourself and be willing to work hard!

Leslie Wilder a creative writer & blogger, who is residing in Nashville the capital of U.S. state of Tennessee, I’m also a self-proclaimed happiness junkie, and someone you would generally consider confident and well balanced.