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On-campus job opportunities for college students

April 23rd, 2019

By Gloria Watson

Colleges students usually want to find different jobs in to make some extra money while on campus. Although many have a limited amount of time to deal with the financial part of their lives, college students have some good money-making methods to squeeze in their schedules. Below are some of the best ideas that can be easily followed through.


For college students who don’t mind leaving their dorms, campus barista is a great job opportunity they should consider. Besides offering a steady income and flexible schedule, a similar job will also allow you to interact with your peers and learn some other valuable skills as well. As a barista, you will learn how to make your own espresso, work with a cash register, learn some basic accounting skills and so on. Besides, you will get your daily coffee fix for free!

Library attendant

Introvert college students will be thrilled by a similar position. If working in complete silence for several hours a day is your kind of job, a library assistant job will deliver. Especially if you are academically-oriented and already spend several hours daily at the library, a similar job will fit you like a glove.

Generally, library assistants have the responsibility of maintaining a proper environment: making sure that students aren’t talking loudly, aren’t bringing food or beverages with them or being disruptive. Besides, as a library assistant, you will have to get your schoolwork done during the work schedule, as a big plus!

Mail room attendant

All college dorms have a mail room where students receive their packages or letters. That being said, you can seek an on-campus position as a mail room attendant. Especially if you’re in your freshman year, this will allow you to meet new people on campus and bond meaningful friendships, while being paid for it! Your main responsibilities? Maintaining a productive work environment, sorting packages and mail for your colleagues. Sometimes, working in a mail room will come with plenty of downtimes, that which can be successfully used to keep up with your studying or college assignments.

These are some job suggestions that will help college students supplement their income while in college, meet new people and work on their future careers.

Movie subtitling

If you are at least bilingual, you should consider finding a job as a translator. Even better, you might be able to find a job at a subtitling agency. While you will be demanded to get some certifications previously to receiving a similar job, subtitling services are growing in popularity and the field has plenty of high-paying job openings. Look for translation agencies with reliable clients in their portfolios, like Forbes, Entrepreneur or the Huffington Post and other reputable magazines and media outlets out there.

This will ensure great working conditions, proper and timely payments. You will most likely be able to work remotely for such agencies. Besides, after you graduate, you might be able to get a permanent position inside the company, helping your career advancement.


Byline: Gloria Watson ‘26 grew up in Texas and graduated from University of Texas. Nowadays, she’s a freelance writer whose aim to write article on computers and school education today.