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Ways Students Can Improve Their Academic Writing Skills

May 22nd, 2019

By Gloria Watson

Essay writing can be a daunting task that many students do not look forward to because it is a complicated process that requires inspiration, creativity, and good knowledge. However, writing is one of the most important skills for success in higher education. Needless to say, writing ability is also one of the highly prized skills by employers. An academic essay should provide a solid and debatable thesis that is supported by relevant evidence and have content that is clearly and precisely expressed.

Very few people have the ability to write effortlessly and perfectly while most of us must sweat over the process of revision, drafting, and redrafting until we get it right. To improve essay writing, students often need to practice and to learn how to apply new things to create content that is more readable and interesting. The good news is that writing skills can be learned and improved with practice and by learning the most important basics of writing. Check out these great essay tips and techniques that will improve your academic writing skills.

Research your topic

Some academic subjects will require you to write essays about topics that are part of common knowledge. However, you will also most probably be asked to write an academic paper on a subject that you are still not familiar with. Either way, deep research is the very first step you need to start with before drafting your ideas. With so much information potentially available at your fingerprints, it is important to find a way to research your topic in a thoughtful and comprehensive way. Use keywords to find sources that have the information you need and once you have found them, you can start organizing your information into a logical way. You should start by looking up general information about the topic and then narrow your research with more specific questions you want to get the answer for. Spending a lot of time on research will help you deepen your understanding of the subject; thus the ideas will flow more easily once you start creating the content of your essay.

Set up a drafted version of your entire essay

The most professional content writers suggest that creating a full outline from start to finish is the best way to organize your writing. A draft is a rough sketch of your future piece of writing which will help you elaborate on the main points of your essay. In the first draft of your writing, you start transferring the ideas you have created while doing research which will help you stay focused on the most important knowledge you want to pinpoint in your essay. This will help you control the web of your thoughts and help you stay focused on what you have planned on writing about. Writing an essay without creating an outline first will not only take longer but can also make your essay coherently weaker.

Focus on the clarity of thoughts

Clarity is perhaps one of the most important qualities of an excellent essay. Obviously, it means making your content easy to understand by anyone who reads it. if the reader is struggling to understand your point, they will instantly lose their interest in continuing reading your essay and will have lower respect for the content you have created. The secret to creating a well-flowing essay is to form well thought out sentences and paragraphs. Writing with clarity requires you to know exactly what you want to say.  Secondly, it is crucial to know who your targeted audience is. The better you know your audience, the more clearly you can communicate to them because you customize your vocabulary and writing structure according to the level of understanding of your readers. For better clarity of the content, professional content writers advice novice writers to define unfamiliar words especially if the essay focuses on a particular subject.

Get a second opinion

Just because something sounds good and understandable to your ears, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your essay is coherent. Since you already know what you wanted to say, the content might sound extremely logical and coherent to you, but not to someone else. It is always wise to ask for a second opinion before submitting your essay for someone else to confirm its validity. Also, even the most experienced writers can make grammar mistakes that they accidentally overlook, a good editor will make sure that your essay is clean and free from any grammatical mistakes and easy to understand.

Byline: – Gloria Watson ’24 grew up in Texas and graduated from University of Texas. Nowadays, she’s a freelance writer whose aim to write article on computers and school education today.