Posts published on June 21, 2019

5 Ways To Make Your Summer Vacation Productive


Summer is a lovely season. The days become longer, the weather is warm and sunny, but apart from this, you get a chance to have some time for yourself.

It’s 90 days that you can spend productively and become a better version of yourself. It’s the high time for spiritual, health, and mental growth. Check out these tips to make the best of your free time and enjoy the summer to the full.

 1. Take Care of Your Health and Body

Over the winder we don’t get enough vitamins and vital resources to maintain our body properly. During the summer you can find all sorts of fruit and vegetables, so it can be a great idea to start a healthy diet. Our body is our temple. Everyone should take care of it and love it.  

In addition to this, you can set a goal for this summer to lose some weight and keep your body fit. There are various ways to do it:


  • join a gym;
  • take up yoga or pilates classes;
  • download an app to do daily exercises; or
  • watch videos on YouTube and work out at home, etc.

 2. Volunteer

If you want to make a change in this world or learn new skills, become a volunteer. Nowadays, you can find numerous programs to volunteer abroad that also gives you an opportunity to travel. Help with recycling, take care of homeless people, work with kinds, or volunteer for animal shelters. All of these can benefit you and teach something new.

 3. Learn Something New

Just think of it, you have three months to learn something new. What would you like to do? It’s possible to learn a new language or at least start. Languages like Spanish or Italian are not that hard to master over the summer. Or maybe art is your passion? Then it’s a great time to take up painting classes.

 4. Get a Summer Job

If you have some long-term goals for the future, finding a job for the summer is great solution for students. It will bring you a lot of benefits like:


  • mastering your communication skills;
  • learning how things work within the company;
  • enhancing your knowledge in particular sphere;
  • making new acquaintances, etc.

And above all, you learn how to be independent and earn money for a living. You’re going to need these skills in the future, so the earlier you start to develop them, the better. What is more, money is what you can invest in yourself in your dreams: go on a trip, take a course and study something new, start your own business, etc.

5. Grow Spiritually

Over the year we go through some rough experiences that can greatly influence our inner world. So, you might consider taking a trip to some place all by yourself. It’s good to make a change and go to isolated and deserted places, or you can take a long walk along the Camino.

The Camino is a number of routes that begin in Spain, France and Portugal, and all lead to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Not only people who need retreat can enjoy it, but also the ones who like hiking or cycling also like to take these paths and go on a tour. Just imagine all the picturesque nature and cozy towns you’re going to see.

We live in the world of numerous opportunities, so make the best of your summer vacation by turning it into a productive one.

BIO: Connie Benton is a passionate freelance writer and regular contributor.