Posts published on July 8, 2019

Essential Springboard into the Legal Job Market for Students and Graduates



 Today’s schools students are savvier and more informed about the legal job market than they were a decade ago. They start to think about their career much sooner as well, sometimes even before their first year in law school. However, the market is changing so rapidly that it’s genuinely vital to keep up with all these trends. That led to law schools also changing their landscape and providing new types of course about the business of law and various employment opportunities.

Now, many schools have dedicated centers that tremendously assist students in honing vital skills necessary for the professional success of these individuals. But, before you start constructing your law career in your head, you should be aware of the few things in the legal industry.

Postgraduate opportunities

While you’re in college, you’re probably focused more on your exams and other activities related to your student life, however, as your studying time is coming to an end, you should start considering your postgraduate opportunities. In other words, what will you do once you graduate? Where do you see yourself, and is it possible to start developing your career in that direction based on your existing skills and knowledge?

From an associate in a law firm, construction accident lawyer, clerkship of various jobs in government, in-house counsel position in a particular company to a non-profit legal service provider, all of these employment opportunities should be considered. Moreover, there are also other options as a law firm professional, teaching position, support staff at law schools, and jobs in banks or businesses in other industries.

Having a Work-Life Balance

Having a healthy, balanced life is crucial if you want to be successful in your professional life. Your work-life balance should be something you’re thinking about as you’re choosing your employment option in the law industry. As many jobs in this industry can be really rigorous, it’s vital that you keep in mind how to achieve and maintain that balance from the start.

The best way to be satisfied with your professional life is to choose to do something you love, and that brings you satisfaction. Unfortunately, many jobs after graduation will be stressful and time-intensive, so at least you can do is to choose to work in the field you’ll love. Make sure you always ask for conditions before accepting a job offer, no matter how tempting that offer might sound. Working somewhere for years can only bring you numerous benefits if you’re constantly motivated at your job.

Bar Exam

 In the United States, if you wish to practice law, you will need to pass a state bar exam first. Graduating from your law school simply won’t be enough to practice law. In other countries around the world, students will need to work a certain amount of time as an intern before they can start practice law.

There are several job opportunities in the law industry that will not require passing a bar exam, but they don’t involve the practice of law, so most of the students will not be interested in them. That’s why you will need to be pretty organized and determined to pass at least one bar exam if you wish to pursue your law career.


As a law student or a recent graduate, you’re very much aware that hard work always pay off. It’s not still easy, but if you’ve chosen to study something you love, you will probably adore working in the law industry as well. Just make sure you make the right employment choices. It’s as the famous saying suggests:” Choose the job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life.”

Kathleen Brown is a passionate entrepreneur and enjoys writing articles, overviews, and analyses about everything going on in the industry with a single goal of sharing her expertise with students.