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6 Most Useful Educational Websites for Engineering Students


Being an engineering student can be demanding. That is especially true when you depend solely on lectures and other school work to succeed. The best way to be in control is to get ahead of your studies and expand your knowledge of engineering by using the resources available to you on the internet. However, the internet is full of useful and inaccurate information at the same time. So, not every website for engineering students provides reliable information. How do you know which sites to trust and which to avoid? Well, this article is about the six most reliable educational websites for engineering students.

6 Best Websites For Prospective Engineers


  1. Learn The Basics At Stanford Engineering Everywhere

If you’re looking for a free resource that allows you to get access to tools and courses that undergraduate students at Stanford have access to, this website is for you. You will learn the basics of artificial intelligence, computing, electrical engineering, among others. The materials on this website aren’t just useful for students alone; some educators use them in the classroom to teach their students. One of the key reasons why this website is reliable is that it is covered under a Creative Commons license making its contents accessible to anyone who has an internet-enabled device.


  1. Expand Your Horizon At MIT OpenCourseWare

On this website, you will get access to resources and almost all the courses that are offered in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It includes mathematics, mechanical engineering, liberal arts, computer science, economics, electrical engineering, and many more. The access is free and unrestricted to both teachers and students. If you’re a software engineering major, you’ll get unlimited access to resources that are streamlined to students in your field of study on this website.


  1. Quench Your Curiosity At

This website allows engineering students to have unlimited access to videos that explain various concepts in the ways that they can understand. Apart from the video tutorials, there are many video shows on interesting engineering discussions that you can learn from. The contents on this website range from 3D printing and electronics to software designing, and many more. Apart from offering resources, this website also has a list of jobs that are related to various disciplines. You can go through this page if you want to have an idea of where you can work after graduation. Professionals on My Paper Done recommend this site to the prospective engineers.


  1. Learn To Code With W3Schools

If you’re an engineering student who has an interest in coding languages, this website is one of the best options for you. You’ll have access to a simplified content that increases your understanding of Javascript, AJAX, HTML, and every other programing language in existence. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there will always be something for you on this website. When you have a design project you’re working on, you can find the resources you need on this website.


  1. Keep It Feminine At Engineer Girl

Are you a female engineering student who has 95% of her classroom made up of guys? Well, you don’t need to feel intimidated, Engineer Girl is a website you can visit when you want to feel welcomed and loved. It is a huge career hunting site for female students. It exposes you to a wide range of career opportunities.


  1. Get Formulas At Efunda

As an engineering student, you’re always going to need formulas. While the goal is to have all the formulas at heart, you will need a large resource center where you can access any formula you want at any time of the day. This site also provides different sections that explain various topics in engineering. Also, it is easy to navigate.

These are the top 6 reliable websites for engineering students. There are other available options, but you’ll most likely find everything you’re looking for on these websites.


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