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Majoring in Communication Systems? – Future Looks Bright for You!



Because technology is evolving, and many jobs today are expected to become obsolete, students have legitimate questions in terms of what career paths should they consider. Well, communication systems and technology graduates are those who can consider themselves lucky! Why? Because of the incredible potential the field has.

Companies all over the world have tens, dozens, maybe hundreds of employees. And apart from making them more productive and business-ready, they also grow ventures’ communication vulnerabilities. But let’s see what career opportunities communications systems majors have after finishing their studies.

Network Systems Administrator

As a network systems administrator, you will have to plan, implement and troubleshoot and maintain communication systems for different companies and other establishments. Companies all over the world rely on the services of such professionals to keep their communication channels up and running. Your main work environment will consist of local-area networks – LANs – or wide-area networks (WANs), but also database systems.

As a network systems administrator, you will also have to provide support to users, and since we know that not all employees are very tech-savvy, this will happen a lot. You will also have to ensure high levels of network security for the company you work for, and this may be the most important aspect of your job.

With a similar job, you will enjoy an annual wage of about $100,000, with an average annual growth of 8%.

Corporate Communication Security Expert

As we can find from the host of one of the best interview podcasts out there, communication vulnerabilities within big companies are growing by the day.

As a corporate communication security expert, you will have to have more than great computer skills. You will also need impeccable interpersonal skills and be passionate about social influence. You will also have to have a good knowledge base in terms of social engineering. How can you help organizations and ventures with all these skills?

Social engineering skills will help you test a company’s vulnerabilities by trying to trick employees or members to give out confidential information. It has been proven on multiple occasions that when data leaks within companies emerge, there are rarely hacking attempts. In most cases, we are discussing about employees unable to protect confidential data and documents on their computers. The most severe scenario? An employee will write down their passwords on a sticky note and leave it in plain sight.

The average wage you will be recompensated with for all your hard work can reach well over $110,000, annually.

Database Administrator

As a database administrator, you will have to ensure proper functionality of company databases. This will include making sure the design, development and maintenance of the database is never overlooked. You will also have to make sure all authorized individuals have easy access to databases and when the situation asks for it, you will also have to ensure you develop and implement all the necessary database security measures.

You will also have to tackle database malfunctions and bugs. With all that responsibility on your hands, be ready for a wage starting from $90,000.

Computer Support Specialist

Online, on the phone or offline, computer support specialists have to ensure all employees within a company receive the necessary computer support when they need it the most. Apart from offering advice in terms of computer usage, computer support specialists will also have to come to employees’ help with advice and guidance in terms of network issues and software problems and dilemmas. You may find a similar job under the technical support specialist name.

In some other cases, you will have to offer support to external users. This is a frequent scenario within software development companies. In this case, you will occupy a helpdesk position designed to offer clients of the company all the necessary support when interacting with products or systems developed by them.

To get a similar job, you will need different degrees and certifications, depending on the specifics of the job and company. You can be asked to make proof of anything, from a certificate or bachelor’s degree.

Computer support specialists usually have a wage starting from $60,000 a year, with an estimated growth of over 10% annually.

Tips to get your dream communication systems job

Although formal education is important for a professional like yourself, you will also have to be up to date with the latest developments in the field. Make sure you use all the necessary tools, from online courses and training programs to listening to podcasts on the topic and finding a mentor. Everything will help you grow into the professional you dream and will guarantee a positive academic and career trajectory.

With so many security vulnerabilities, companies need specialists able to help them identify and fix them. Going for a Communication Systems major will help you get closer to becoming one of their reliable collaborators.

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