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PDF Tools with Multiple Features and Functions for Students and Teachers



To be successful in the academic environment, it’s vital to have the right tools besides all the other necessary skills. As the majority of the student’s and teacher’s work is online, finding the adequate tools which will improve the quality of your work is no longer a recommendation but an imperative for everyone who wants to succeed in this environment.

One of the problems you might stumble upon is when dealing with PDF documents. How to modify these files or convert them into other formats is among the common questions. Not to mention that strict deadlines only increase the level of frustration when you’re unable to access an important file.

Luckily, there are plenty of PDF tools in the market that will help you manage any PDF file you get. In this article, we bring you only the ones that are very beneficial for students and teachers.


#1 Adobe Reader XI

You’ve probably already heard about the robust Adobe Reader. It’s one of the best quality tools when it comes to viewing and printing your PDF files. You can also interact with the content within the PDF files, including multimedia. Other features you might find useful are adding and verifying a digital signature, creating and filling out PDF forms, annotating on these PDF pages and so on.


#2 Total Mail Converter Pro

This tool easily converts MSG and EML to PDF, DOC and all the other file formats. Unlike the other email converters which only extract and save files in the original format, Total Mail Converter Pro also converts attachments. If you received an email with a file in the attachment, this tool will convert the message and the attachment into PDF. It will save you hours you would usually spend on doing this manually. This way, students and teachers could invest their time into more valuable assignments.


#3 Doro PDF Writer

If you’re looking for a perfect tool for printing PDF files, Doro PDF writer should be your choice. Unlike regular printers, it’s installed as a virtual print driver that can convert printable documents and images into PDF format. You can even set the author name and protect it with a unique password before you decide to convert it. One of the abilities that are very helpful for both students and teachers is the enabling and disabling copying, pasty and printing of the documents.


#4 PDFTK Builder

Preparing various materials and gathering them in one place is usually a time-consuming action, especially if we’re talking about the PDF format. With PDFTK Builder, you can reorder or merge selected pages in a snap. Moreover, you can split and rotate pages or even add stamp and encryption to your PDF file. Regarding the benefits of this tool in education, it’s really helpful when you need to gather all of your notes into one document or rotate pages when creating your own study material.


#5 jPDF Tweak

Just like the above-mentioned tool, jPDF Tweak lets you merge, split, reorder and rotate the pages of your document. You can even add watermarks and encryption, and also digitally sign your PDF files. You will find numerous features for attaching files to PDF and editing metadata. It’s very useful as it provides truly a lot for one tool, but keep in mind you will need to have Java 5 to run it.


You won’t make a mistake by choosing any of the PDF tools on our list. The only mistake you could make is ignoring the potential of these tools and spend unnecessary hours managing all of those PDF files you need for your studies. Choose the ones that suit your preferences and start investing that time where it could be truly beneficial for you!

David Gutierrez has worked in the field of web design since 2005. Right now he started learning Java in order to get second occupation. His professional interests defined major topics of his articles. David writes about new web design software, recently discovered professional tricks and also monitors the latest updates of the web development.


Things You Should Know About Sports Scholarships



Many young people dream of getting sports scholarship, play their favorite sport, and later become rich and famous. However, before you start dreaming big, it is important to check out the realities about these awards. The following are some important things you should know about sports scholarships.

  • The odds of getting big sports scholarship are very minimal. A stunning fact is that only one percent of high school sports athletes get these scholarships to continue at good universities and colleges. The odds are terrible so even odds converter cannot help you get such scholarship because luck is very much involved in this matter. Even those that get these scholarships later end up a bit disappointed knowing that the amount received is not as high as they expected.
  • Full sports scholarships are very rare to find. They cover only the biggest and most popular sports. Also these scholarships are usually very small. All other sports beyond the most popular ones are regarded as equivalency sports. The main athletic association dictates how much money can be spent on a program and coaches can slice and divide these awards as they wish, which often leads to very small scholarships.
  • Do not fall for sweet words and flattery. Usually coaches tell young athletes that the university they work for has a lot of scholarship money to give out, but often that is not the case. They will say or do anything to attract a young prospect, so take everything that is said with a dose of doubt.
  • Verbal commitment to a sports program does not mean anything. There are many coaches that tell young high school athletes that they want them badly for their team. Then these kids can say they commit verbally, but that is not a guarantee that they will end up at that university. The coach can easily change his opinion and say that they do not want the young athlete later. Then you cannot do anything about it.
  • Playing sports at college requires hard work, strong commitment and discipline. Many college athletes do not have enough time to do anything else in their young lives besides sports. The hours they spend on training and playing are often insane. The rigorous regime is not for everyone and many students find it very difficult to balance between sports and their studies.
  • Videos of you playing sports are not very helpful. This is a sad fact, but close to the truth. Coaches do not want to watch hours and hours of lengthy videos of high school athletes performing sports. Yes, they are checking videos of top athletes, but only for a minute or two. If you send a ten minute video of your sports skills to the coach, chances are high that the coach will not see it fully. A much better thing to do is post your video on YouTube and if you are that good then someone will likely notice you and approach you.

Knowing what’s vital to focus on increases your chances of getting that scholarship you’ve been eyeing for a while. Being persistent and dedicated to building your young sports career is the way to go, however, don’t be unrealistic. Pay attention to how others are getting their sports scholarships and learn from them.

Nothing is impossible but before getting all of your hopes up, make sure you truly do your best while playing because with or without that scholarship, you want to grow up to become a respected sports professional.

Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University. Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist.