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10 Tips to Crack the Campus Placement Interview

August 13th, 2019


Majority of today’s colleges organize campus placement drives to give their students a career opportunity right after their college education.

There are several factors that the companies look for in their potential employees. You need to have a good awareness regarding these things to be successfully employed at one of the companies.

Below is a discussion regarding the same.

  1. Know The Company

There might be a variety of companies where you might apply for jobs. When you sit for their placement, it is important to have extensive knowledge about these companies. For instance, if it is for a renowned luxury watchmaker Omega Speedmaster, it is necessary to know details like name of the CEO & founder, history, products and services provided, their location, and milestones, among others. Though most companies hold presentations before their recruitment drive, it is important to be informed about these details. Remember to speak without hesitation when the opportunity arrives.

  1. Tailor Your Resume

One thing that can distinguish you from the other candidates is the resume. You have to spend a fair amount of time researching and then preparing an excellent resume. It is mandatory that your resume has to be tailored according to the company and the job profile you are looking for. You may take help from your friends or acquaintances in the same company or gather sources through the internet and take suggestions. Get feedbacks if possible and ensure that the resume is clear and concise

  1. Prepare For The Interview

Once you have prepared the resume, you can prepare for the interview. Different companies have different strategies for campus placement. Hence, it is again important to understand the preference of each company and then prepare accordingly. You can take help from your seniors who have been through the same process and start your preparation. There are usually several sections of an interview such as the aptitude test, group discussion, and technical and HR interview. The aptitude tests will examine your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Further, Group discussions are equally important. It tests your skill to interact, lead a discussion, and to listen to others’ opinion. Make sure that you stay active but not too submissive or assertive.

  1. Positive Interaction With The Interviewer

Be confident but not too brash. Make sure you enter the interview with a relaxed mindset. If possible, attend a few mock interviews before the main interview date. Answer the questions sensibly. Since the interviewers themselves had been students, they would have a fair idea about the processes.

  1. Do Not Forget Basic Etiquette

Make sure you are not late for the interview. This would have a huge impact on your interview outcome. Further, dress neatly and trim your nails. Interviews test your level of professionalism. Therefore, proper etiquette and formal attire are essentials. This applies even if they have an informal dress code for the employees. Wear a formal dress according to the situation.

  1. Get Ready For Behavioral Questions

These are questions directed at you so that they can know more about your application and experience in the concerned competencies. These questions will test your personality and help them understand very important characteristics about you. There could be questions like how you manage to cope with the exam pressure, or how you manage to do the project while attending the college full time.

  1. Display Your Communication Skills

Everyone communicates in a conversation. However, communication is not just confined to reading, writing or through a message. Instead, companies look for someone who can choose their words very carefully. They look for someone who can pick the right words, vary their tone, and know when to take a pause. Besides, they should know to listen well and use a positive body language. Hence, it is advisable to learn a few of these skills by making changes in your ways. You can practice conversing like this with your friends. Further, you may observe your colleagues and their manners during internships. These conscious changes will show positive results in the interview performance.

  1. Prove To Be A Team Player

This is one of the major attributes that companies look for. College projects are usually assigned to a group of students. This is to make sure that they work well in a team and make their contributions. Besides, this would prepare them for performing well as a team player in their careers. You can showcase your ability to perform well in a team by showing your contribution to your college project.

  1. Leadership Skills

Companies fancy leaders who can take responsibility for their teams and lead them to progress. Hence, leadership quality is a bonus if you can demonstrate it to the interviewers. It is a combination of several factors like organizing skill, entrepreneurial skill, and influencing skill. Hence, take part in activities in college days. Get into leadership roles and perform as good as you can. These activities will come in handy for your campus placement.

  1. Be Careful Not To Speak Too Much

Be concise and stick to the point during your interviews. It is better not to try and impress the interviewer by being quick. This way, you may end up not listening properly and giving the wrong answers. It is a good thing to admit mistakes instead of arguing for it. Inform them that you do not know the answer or admit the mistake. You will be appreciated for your honesty. If you are unclear about an answer, make an educated guess if it is permitted.


Bonus Tip: Do Not Lose Courage And Hope In The Middle Of The Interview!

The interview is not finished and the decision regarding your job will not be made until the interview is finished. Hence, it is important to keep your confidence level constant till the end. Some people lose their confidence if they feel they have given the wrong answer. This will only reduce your chances. Instead, if you are confident, it will improve your chances of getting hired.


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