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How Much Does Your College Lifestyle Affect Your Future Career



We make a lot of different lifestyle choices in college, and most of them are aimed towards making the most of the four years of freedom. There is little thought about consequences- after all, how much can these choices affect our future life?

The truth is, the choices that we make during our college life do have a profound effect on our future career and life. Your college life can mould you into the person that you become in the future, which is why it is important to adopt certain habits that will prove beneficial to your career post-college. Here are some of the ways in which decisions during your college life can directly affect your future:

  1. Not saving money

College life comes with its fair share of expenses, and almost every day students are required to spend on something. While some expenses, like textbooks and rent, are unavoidable, others can be easily prevented. It would do you good if you cultivate the habit of saving money from early on in your college days because this will help instil a philosophy of financial responsibility and saving, which will benefit you when entering the job market. With dedication and willpower, saving money can be a rewarding habit. Think of it as an investment- the more you save now, the less financial stress and increased financial freedom you’ll have in the future.

  1. Choosing your accommodation

It might sound unlikely, but the kind of place you live in during your college days also plays a role in how you will turn out to be in the future. Living alone develops a sense of freedom, independence and enables you to better take control of your life. For example, you can choose any home office furniture you like, you can make your own shopping decisions in short, you become a free spirit.

On the other hand, living with roommates can save money, develop friendships and a sense of comradery that may prove advantageous for surviving college and growing as a person. The enhanced social setting of shared living environments can help you develop precious contacts that may come in handy in the future.

  1. Borrowing excessive money

This is one of the bad habits that you should strive to avoid in college.  Because of increased expenses in various fields, students are compelled to borrow money from their peers or go into credit card debt. This bad habit can affect your future endeavours as well. If you develop a habit of borrowing money without any idea about how you are going to return it, it can reflect badly upon your name in your future job industry. Also, credit card debt is a real and serious thing that can land you in jail if not cleared on time, so be sure to make careful choices about your expenses and how much money you borrow.

  1. Spending without consequence

We are all tempted to spend more than we can afford to in our college days. There is so much to do, and so much to buy. However, uncontrolled spending can lead to developing the dangerous habit of poor financial responsibility. In business, you will be required to make strategic decisions- decisions that will allow you to make the most profit. If you are too keen on spending unnecessarily, your business may take a turn for the worse. So keep an eye on your expenses, and try not to go overboard with the shopping and takeout.


What you should learn from college- to be financially secure.

No matter where your life takes you after your college days are over, and no matter what field you start working in- one thing is for sure, you will be required to be financially responsible. Whether you are running your own business or working in the corporate sector, the money that flows in will vanish quickly if you do not make an effort to hold on to it.

Developing responsible spending habits is an important aspect that you should start working on early in your college life. We say college life because college is the time when you begin taking charge of your own finances. How you spend money and or what you do with it, is entirely your own business. So, taking this into consideration, it is important for you to take your finances seriously. The more you save, the more you can assure yourself of a financially secure future.

What about the fun?

There’s an age-old adage which says that one does not need money to have fun. And that stands true. The occasional splurge is fine, but if you spend an exorbitant amount of money every day for the sake of fun, it will become impossible for you to save any amount for your future prospects.

The best way to deal with the temptation to spend money is to plan out your expenses. Make sure that your necessities are covered, and you are putting in a certain amount in the bank each month under your savings account. Use the rest to have the time of your life. Trust us, years later, you will thank yourself for the money you put aside.


Everybody loves college life, and it is the prime time for individuals to let their hair down, learn life lesson, and (occasionally) be carefree. However, a little amount of sacrifice during these days can translate into a lot of security during the future. Your college life will affect your prospects, not only by sharpening your skills in your particular field but also by making you more worldly-wise. The experience and exposure you gain during your college life will work wonders for your future career prospects!


Samantha Brown is a freelance writer who specializes on carrier guidance, she is also motivational speaker and author