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Off Campus Housing: 7 Things That Students Need to Consider

August 30th, 2019


Off campus student housing is a smart idea and comes with a number of benefits overstaying in a campus dorm. You get so much more space, privacy and peace if you choose the right place. Choosing an off campus student housing is similar to finding an off plan property Dubai: you will feel overwhelmed and confused with so many choices, but you have to be focused. There are several important factors that you need to consider finding the ideal place for yourself.

Ease of commute

Commuting to and from your classes take up a lot of time, energy, and money. While it would be ideal to live as close to the campus as possible so that you can skip out on commute, but if you can’t, choose a place from where you can travel easily, and preferably by a single mode of transport.

Research within your budget

Research is the key to getting the best you can get within your budget. You wouldn’t take the very first option from all Emaar properties for sale, so why not do the same for house hunting? Look into as many options as available before picking one. Do not exceed your maximum budget because you don’t want to be saddled with an excess expense.

Condition of the house

Look into the condition of the house before you sign up for it. Check out for weird invading windows, temperature control, plumbing, pest control etc. to ensure that the living conditions are comfortable.

Safety is crucial

Safety is an important factor when moving into a new place. Ensure that the neighbourhood is safe and you do not land yourself in the middle of trouble. Look into newspaper reports and ask local people around to check for safety.

Convenience and amenities

While choosing your place, make sure it is not very far from the important amenities such as convenience stores, budget restaurants, medicine stores etc so that you do not have to travel every time you need anything. Also check that it is well connected and close to a main road.

Find the right housemates

Your housemates are very important as you will spend a lot of time together in the house. Make sure you get along well with them, especially when it comes to habits and lifestyle choices, before you decide to live with them. Do not choose too many housemates as bathroom sharing will be time consuming, especially before morning classes.

Rules and documents

Last but not the least, before you sign on any lease make sure you go through the fine prints and explicitly clarify every rule. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially on any modifications, security deposit, future pet ownership etc. so that you do not get into trouble or have to pay unfair fines or charges.

Finding the right student housing will make it so much easier for your academic life. A nice comfortable home to return to is essential, so make sure your new place is nice and conducive to your academic pursuits.

Byline:- Gloria Watson ’24 grew up in Texas and graduated from University of Texas. Nowadays, she’s a freelance writer whose aim to write article on computers and school education today.