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How Students Can Create Interesting And Diverse Instagram Pages


Instagram, since its conception, has been one of the many major spots where people can build a network of some of the special things they love most. The platform has always supported the promotion of entertainment, music, healthy living, and lifestyle. Not to mention, skills such as photo editing have long been put forward to millions across the platform.

For most profiles, getting the attention of their followers requires the use of stunning photo designs and high image quality. There are a good number of tools on the internet that can help anyone do this. Some of them include:

  • PicMonkey
  • FotoJet
  • Fotor
  • Photoshop Express Editor 
  • Ribbet 
  • BeFunky 

IG is a great place for anyone to unwind with the funny memes, comedy videos, and entertaining photos shared by millions. The platform is seen as one of the most engaging social networks in the world. This makes it an ideal spot for students to get all of the fun they need as they study in their various institutions. However, it pays to improve the usage of this platform. Students can as well use this great spot of entertainment as a potential source of motivation and learning.

There are quite a lot of IG pages that help students learn image editing, as well as many other skills. Asides teaching students special skills, many pages motivate and keep students updated about school stuff. If you are a student hoping to get accustomed with such IG pages, we will be looking at a few of them. Here’s the deal:

  • Your Institution’s Student Union Page

Your school’s official page or your school’s SU page should be the first page you need to follow on IG. The reason behind this can be very obvious. Following the page can help you stay updated with all the information that concerns your academics in the institution.

By following the IG account of your school, you get to know what is going on in school. You also get to observe beautiful photos of your school.

  • @StudentsProblems

@StudentsProblems is a page that claims to meet the needs of students in terms of comedy, entertainment, and knowledge. It does this in the form of memes. This account has been created for a while now and has become famous among students today. If you are on the lookout for top accounts to follow, you are lucky to have found this on our list, as it is widely used by thousands.

  • @Science.feed

@Science.feed offers content for both science students and those who are fascinated by science. The account offers a wide range of scientific discoveries and what goes on in the world of science.

  • @SubwayBookReview

The account claims to provide concise reviews of books. In its posts, it includes spoilers and also suggestions of books. The account is a perfect choice for those looking for pages that offer great reviews on books. Those who love reading, as well as English Literature and Language students.

  • @Mobkitchenuk

This page offers its followers of cheap meals. Students can find the account to provide very useful info on meals that can feed not just them, but even a group of 4 people. Along with its frequent posts, the page includes a wide selection of videos where it provides recipes to meals that can be prepared with an amount lower than £10.

  • @Tech_capsules

@Tech_capsules, as its name implies, is an IG page that is all about tech. It updates its audience with frequent posts that include tech facts and tips. Many of which deal with industries and the internet. The page is still developing but still provides useful content.

  • @Dormify

Dormify was created to meet students with special ideas to help them spruce up their dorm in school. Your dorm is a huge part of your life in school. Making it full of fun and beauty is a great way to help it feel homey. This is what @Dormify claims to offer.

  • @Study.for.success

@Study.for.success offers a wide range of themes to keep students feeling alive as they work through school. It has lived up to its name through the many tips and motivation it gives to students to help them study for success.

  • @Babeswhostudy

For all the things you do in school, you have to organize your materials. If you are finding it a bit hard to do that, this page offers a good level of inspiration to help you figure out how to keep your works clean.

  • @CollegeHumor

Each content offered by this account denotes humor. It comes as a page that offers funny memes. It also provides a lot of good advice to students while still keeping them smiling.


It is crucial to get a couple of things to help make the process way. Using social networks can help with that, as there is a wide range of pages that provide extra tips to ensure students get the best out of what they do.


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