10 College Majors Or Degrees Creative People Will Love


When considering what you will major in at college, think about things that you like doing. If you are a creative person that enjoys art, writing, music, or any other creative interest these ten degrees might perfect for you.

  1. Creative writing – This degree encapsules more than just writing a novel. Creative writers can work for newspapers and magazines both paper and on-line. You can also write short stories and mysteries that might be featured on an on-line company. Ghostwriting can be a lucrative career. Many people want to write things but they are not sure exactly how to do so. You can write for them and get paid for your effort.
  2. Technical writing – This type of writing involves business. You could be writing journal articles, menus, pamphlets, and more. Most business will used technical writers in their marketing or public relations departments. You will work with graphic designers to create something for the business. Whether you are creating a new menu or an informational pamphlet that will be used by the safety industry you will be using your creativity to design something that is creative and functional. You can also expand your role to editing technical documents. This can be done at a traditional job or from home.
  3. Game design – If you are artistic and like to play video games you would enjoy a game design degree. You would work on the graphics for the next cool game, promote games, and market games. This is a growing industry and they are looking for creative people. You will need to be creative if you want to become a game designer. Game designers can draw what they are asked to or come up with their own new characters and settings.
  4. Dancing – “You can get a degree in dancing. With this degree you could join a company or teach dance. You can teach dance therapy and help others enjoy dancing and feel better. You can open up your own studio and work with other professionals to encourage everyone to dance,” recommends an expert from Dance Studios in Jacksonville. If you enjoy dancing you could have a career doing something you love.
  5. Architect – This degree will lead to working for a company designing buildings, offices, and homes. You can also open your own business as an architect. Architects are needed to help design all the structures we work and live in, and more. You will work with engineer to make an office flow in its design. You can be creative and innovative within this career.
  6. Interior design – A degree in interior design will open doors for you. You can use your artistic flair to impress clients when you design and furnish their houses or offices. You will make their space attractive, functional, and comfortable. Along with furniture you will choose colors and fabrics to highlight their space. You will be able to sketch out your concept and put it online to see the finished product. Interior designers are in charge of everything functional and fashionable in the space. You will pick out plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, and more. From the large desk to the pen holder, you will be in charge of creating a design that your clients love.
  7. Art therapist – With your degree in art therapy you can go into art therapy. Art therapy combines art and psychology. You could work at a hospital, a therapy center, or more places. You can use your love of art to help others who are going through a difficult time. Painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, and more can be integrated into this career. As they sketch or create works of things that have traumatized them you will be there to guide them.  You will be helping others while doing what you love.
  8. Animation This degree is for people who love to draw and who want to see their images come to life on the screen. From movies, to games, to television shows, animators make pictures come to life. You can work for a large or small company and enjoy seeing what you have created bring joy and happiness to people.
  9. Industrial design – This degree will focus on things we use everyday. From cars to computers to light switches. Someone has to come up with the design and that can be you. This is a field that can really stretch your creativity. You can design the next new electric car or a rocket. An industrial designer combines creativity and function.
  10. Photography – A degree in photography opens you up to world travel and excitement. You can work for a company that sends you around the world to photograph exotic locations. You can also work for a news outlet that will send you into the thick of things. Are you more of a homebody? You can open up your own photography business right at home. You can be creative and have a great time.


Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and elearning specialist.

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