10 Ways Students can be Productive during Summer Break


Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean that you can forget about everything and do nothing for the next two to three months. This is a great time to get out there and do things you might not have had time to do during the school year, and you get to feel like you are being productive. Let’s take a look at 10 ways that you can be productive during summer break this year.

  1. Become a Mentor – If there is a subject you excel in, use your skills to help others. Not only are you going to be helping someone else, you can earn extra money, and sharpen your own skills while you are at it.
  2. Take a Non Academic Class – This is a great time to do something fun. Take a class that isn’t academic. There are loads of fun classes, such as art, photography, flower arranging, or just about anything else you are interested in.
  3. Listen to Podcasts – This is a great way to learn new things, and you can do other things at the same time. For instance, if you are riding the bus, you can listen to a podcast until you reach your destination. Find podcasts with topics that interest you, such as “Stuff You should Know” and “How to do Everything”.
  4. Take a College Tour – This is a good time to tour the college you will be attending, and the area around it so you know where everything is. Take a few days to become familiar with the area so you don’t feel so out of place in the fall. This is also a good chance to meet some of your professors and find out what they expect from you.
  5. Work on Your Health – Just because it is summer, it doesn’t mean you can laze around and slack off on the healthy eating habits. “It is important to work on your health year-round. Make sure that you are eating healthy, and that you are getting plenty of exercise. It’s summer. Get out there and enjoy it by swimming, biking,” suggests cardiologist Michael Ghalchi MD.
  6. Coach a Sports Team – Are you into sports? If so, offer your skills to help coach a local sports team. There are always sporting events going on throughout the summer. You can stay active, be a volunteer, and have something great to put on a resume.
  7. Teach Yourself a Useful Skill – Summer time is a great time to learn something new. You have a couple of months off, so take advantage of it and teach yourself a new skill. Learn HTML, Java, or Python for free online at a website such as Code Academy.
  8. Visit Museums and Art Galleries – Being a student, chances are that you can get some pretty great discounts and even free admissions for things like museums and art shows. This is a great way to become more cultured.
  9. Do Some Volunteer Work – There are so many benefits to becoming a volunteer. For starters, you get to feel like you are actually doing something useful, and you are helping others. Also, volunteer work always looks great on a resume. If you aren’t sure what type of volunteer work is best for you, visit a site such as VolunteerMatch to find the best volunteer opportunity for you.
  10. Go to Summer School – At one time, summer school was thought of almost as a punishment. But, you can also look at it as an opportunity to learn something new, and be better prepared for the fall semester. Take an interesting class, or use this opportunity to raise your GPA.



Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot. Follow Jane on Twitter.


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