2 Million Students Now Attend Private For-Profit Colleges

  Private for profit-colleges are growing faster than public  and non profit colleges, and award 16% of all associate degrees. Students tend to complete associate degrees more quickly, and at higher rates than non profit instiutions according to the USA Department of Education. 60% graduate from for  2 year for-profit colleges compared to 22% at public community colleges.   But for profit colleges have higher student loan default rates. despite their high costs of recruiting new students.  Moreover, 54% of students graduate from 4 year public colleges compared to 44 %  at for- profit colleges. Tuition at for profit 2 year colleges is 6 times higher than a public community colleges. Revenues at for profit colleges of all types is projected to reach 42 billion in 2014.

 All this and more is in the November 8 issue of the Chronicle of Higher http://chronicle.comducation

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