Posts published on December 5, 2009

New Middle Grades College-Going Toolkit

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation through its Early College program has provided a useful toolkit.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is pleased to share resources for promoting a college-going culture in the middle school years: Developing a College-Going Culture in a Middle School: A Toolkit by Su Jin Jez.

Students who enroll in college start working towards that goal before high school, much before they ever start thinking about college applications. But how can schools make the most of the formative middle school years to promote students’ college readiness?

The Toolkit grew out of a study of the college-going culture in one middle school that was grounded in UCLA Education Professor Patricia McDonough’s nine components of a college-going culture.

The Middle School Toolkit provides schools with an array of tools and resources to assess, understand, and improve their culture in ways that help middle school students take concrete steps towards college success. Resources include surveys and interview guides, an example case study from an early college school, and a list of educational resources for teachers, students, and parents.

This resource was developed by Su Jin Jez, formerly of WestEd, and the Woodrow Wilson Early College Initiative. Currently, Dr. Jez is Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration and Associate Director of the Education Doctorate Program at California State University, Sacramento.

Link to Middle School Toolkit