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Jobs For The Future Newswire Is Useful Source on College Completion, Readiness , And Costs

Jobs For The Future  in Boston disseminates several helpful compilations of key issues covered by this blog. 

Click here to read the December 2009 NEWSWIRE on the JFF Web site.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:



Most people would agree that if this nation wishes to remain competitive in the evolving global economy‚ more Americans must earn postsecondary credentials. But we are in a bind: the challenge is to improve the productivity of the U.S. higher education system so that more students graduate within existing resources. Not only that‚ the goal must include ensuring that more students graduate in a timely manner.

With improvements in both practice and policy‚ the nation can address many of the factors that extend students’ time to completion. States‚ higher education systems‚ and institutions have begun to experiment with new ideas that hold real promise for promoting timely completion. Building on those experiments‚ JFF is leading the Time to Completion project for Lumina Foundation for Education. Our work‚ detailed in this issue of Newswire‚ includes:

  • The Time to Completion Web Site‚ launched in December‚ is a resource for college administrators‚ policymakers‚ researchers‚ and advocates.
  • Paying for College outlines a simple framework for understanding concepts in college costs and distinguishing between cost and price.


Also featured in the December NEWSWIRE:

  • A profile of JFF’s Jennifer Poulos
  • Innovations in College Readiness‚ on how early college schools are preparing students underrepresented in higher education for college
  • The Workforce Challenge to Health Care Reform

Jobs for the Future identifies‚ develops‚ and promotes new education and workforce strategies that help communities‚ states‚ and the nation compete in a global economy. In over 200 communities in 41 states‚ JFF improves the pathways leading from high school to college to family-sustaining careers.

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