Posts published on May 6, 2010

Crucial Steps Students Must Take To Attend Most Four Year Colleges

A  few key steps can make all the difference in determining whether a student enrolls in a four year college. Specifically, there are five crucial steps to getting ready for a four-year college that have been completed by about 95 percent of the students who enroll in such institutions in a timely manner and that have been partly skipped by just 5 percent of those who manage to enroll soon after high school, according to an analysis of federal data presented  at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association. The necessity of two of the steps—attaining minimal college qualifications and actually applying to a college—is obvious. But many educators might not be aware that students who fail to take the SAT or ACT test and who lack bachelor’s degree aspirations at two key junctures—in both 10th and 12th grades—will find the odds of attending a four-year college soon after their graduation from high school stacked heavily against them. The article is in The Chronicle of Higher Education for May 4, 2010.