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Secondary School Counselors Say Their Schools Inadequately Support Their Role In College Transition

November 17th, 2011

Counselors say schools’ missions are misguided

By Jason Koebler

Middle and high school guidance counselors say they aren’t utilized effectively in their schools, according to a survey released yesterday by the College Board, the nonprofit organization behind Advanced Placement courses and the SAT college entrance exam.

The “2011 National Survey of School Counselors,” which included 1,327 middle school and 3,981 high school counselors, says that guidance counselors are among the most “highly valuable” professionals working in education, but that they are among the “least strategically deployed.” The survey is believed to be the largest ever of its kind.

Eighty-five percent of counselors said that schools should focus on preparing students to succeed in college and careers, but they believe American schools are failing to make those goals a top priority.

The US News & World Report