Posts published on August 7, 2013

New Reports Worth Reading On Developmental Education

From ECS:
Community College Pathways: 2011-2012 Descriptive Report (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)

From Innovation to Transformation: Texas Moves to Reform Developmental Education (Jobs for the Future)

The Community College Research Center recently released the following reports:
Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform

Enhancing Rigor in Developmental Education

The Opposing Forces that Shape Developmental Education: Assessment, Placement, and Progression at CUNY Community Colleges

Strengthening Developmental Education Reforms: Evidence on Implementation Efforts from the Scaling Innovation Project

Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges: Inside and Outside of Classrooms
(W. Norton Grubb with Robert Gabriner)
Based on a study more than twenty community colleges, the book analyzes developmental education practices, exploring what goes wrong and what goes right, and provides a series of recommendations for improved practice. Read a previous GPG interview with Dr. Grubb.

Sweeping Change to Education Funding

Sweeping Change to Education Funding
State board of education president Michael Kirst explains California’s landmark new Local Control Funding Formula – the first overhaul in decades of the state’s system for funneling money to schools.

The president of the state board of education, Michael Kirst, says a new funding formula for schools matches money to high-needs students and returns decision making to local school boards after years of centralized control in Sacramento.