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Online Tools For College Students

6 online tools for  undergraduate students : By Melissa Burns

Being an undergraduate student is a prestigious status, but also means that you are faced with a great deal of academic writing that consumes more time than you can allow yourself to devote to papers. You can easily be distracted when working on a computer and that little voice in your head is constantly telling you to see what’s going on at Twitter and Facebook in every three minutes. Every distraction is more interesting than the thesis or research you are working on.

It’s clear that a computer connected to the Internet can be a huge distraction from your work, but everything depends on your strength and the way you are using it. There are an immense number of tools that can make your work easier and help you complete papers with greater convenience than ever. To help you use the full potential of online technology, we chose six of the most effective concepts that can help you tackle undergraduate-level academic writing more effectively.

  1. Tutorsclass

When you are an undergraduate student you are concerned with a range of subjects. And studying in the University or College is quite difficult thing. That’s why a lot of student may need a help of tutor. Tutorsclass is a dashboard that enables you to have classes with any tutor or even to be a tutor. You can teach other students or schoolchildren some subjects and  create your own team. And in the same time you can take lessons on the subjects you would like to know better.  If you  find studying or teaching something at home more pleasant or appropriate for you than going to teachers or schools this tool is perfect for you.


In order to make writing an undergraduate-level tasks a little easier, you have to consider the referencing style requested by your professor on top of everything. Maybe you are already experienced using a certain style, but what happens when a professor asks you to reference your paper according to other rules? You use citation generator Writinghouse, of course. This is one of the most appreciated concepts among all students who need to work on academic papers – you can use it to apply the chosen referencing style instantly (the tool supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles). You can finally forget about all those boring referencing guides and focus on the content of your paper.

  1. Q10

Many undergraduate students are already using Q10 as a tool that helps them stay focused when writing academic papers. If you haven’t tried this concept yet, you will be impressed with the effectiveness of its simplistic interface that’s free of all distractions. You can check the page number, word and character count thanks to the tiny toolbar showcased in the interface, but you can also turn it off and work in a completely clean environment. Don’t worry about accessing all functions you need, because you can use keyboard shortcuts for that purpose.

  1. Focus Writer

As an undergraduate student, you can work on topics that truly inspire you, because you are focusing your education to the career of your choice. However, that doesn’t mean you can always stay focused and work with full speed while having piles of studying material waiting to be covered. Focus Writer will make you a typing maniac by providing you with a clean space for writing that will focus your thoughts and keep you away from distractions. You can access the awesome features in the toolbar by moving the cursor to the edge of the computer screen.

  1. Write Monkey

There are many online tools aimed at making you a more effective and faster writer, but WriteMonkey is one of the most appreciated ones. You will easily get used to the keyboard shortcuts that will enable you to write your academic papers without using the computer mouse. Although this seems like an insignificant improvement, it will save 30% of your time, which is something that cannot be ignored.

  1. WriteRoom

What would be the worst thing that could happen to your project in the middle of its development? I’m guessing your first thought: losing all work you have completed so far. There isn’t a student who isn’t paranoid about losing their work, but WriteRoom brings the peace you need. This is also a project intended to enable distraction-free writing, but it includes additional backup and synchronization features that will prevent you from stressing over the safety of your document.

  1. Omm Writer

Among all available tools that make students more focused while writing academic papers, most Mac users prefer Omm Writer. It features a zen-like environment that will relax you and help you stay concentrated on the content of your project. The free version features only three themes, but they are more than enough to start with.


The above-mentioned tools are completely free, but you can upgrade some of them to improved versions for a certain fee. However, as a student, you will find the free alternatives are sufficient as resources that will help you stay focused and work on your paper through longer effective sessions than the usual ones. As soon as you start implementing these convenient tools, you will notice how undergraduate-level academic writing is becoming easier than ever. You will write faster and more efficiently, which will leave you with more time to spend in studying, socializing, relaxing, or whatever else you prefer.


Melissa is a student of journalism. She is passionate about digital technologies and tries to implement them in the sphere of education.