Posts published on January 22, 2014

A Defense Of The Residential Liberal Arts College

University of Evansville President Thomas Kazee writes in the Huffington Post: The din of voices clamoring for educational reform, including President Obama’s, has threatened to drown out attention to what should be a key driver of our national educational policy. How do we ensure that college graduates in this country have a fundamental understanding of how society works — how the complex pieces of our social order fit together? More online education, more competency-based credits, more certificates and “badges,” more focus on how much our graduates earn in their first job — all of this is understandable in a world that seems increasingly credentials-crazy. To assume, however, that true education is simply a matter of bundling such loosely connected experiences until one satisfies requirements for a credential is misguided and ultimately a recipe for national weakness, not strength.

Source: Carnegie Foundation