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5 Things to Do at College For an Attractive CV Right After Graduation


Finding your dream job is a lot like trying to get into a good college, meaning that you will certainly need a top-notch resume to sell yourself. There is one encouraging statistics for graduates to keep in mind:

for people with a bachelor’s degree or more education, the unemployment rate is 2.5 percent, twice as less as a national average.

While there are plenty of things you should do in college, preparing your resume is among your main tasks. Besides internships and good grades, there are a lot of other activities that you can engage in college to have your resume creative, eye-catching, and up-to-date.

So, what are those little-known activities you can do before you graduate to make your resume stand out?


  1. Start a unique fundraising project.

As a college student, you probably do not have enough money; however, you have a precious resource – your time, which is enough to make a difference. There are a lot of ways to better your community and campus life, which can show your future employer that you have a creative mind and enough motivation to perform at your best.

For example, if you choose to major in ecology, think about crowd funding to organize solar projects and clean energy education events in college to involve your community into an idea to install solar panels in your local community or on campus. Or, if you are a public relations major, you might also think about making social media page for your college or helping promote college events among the local media.

Such little things as organizing a cleanup day or organize an after school program to help local students with their studies will show future employers that you are not only involved in academic activities but also can connect with people and have a certain level of organizational skills.


  1. Make valuable connections

 Use your college semester to link up and find professional connections. Register on LinkedIn for professional networking and showcase your skills, experience, and keep an eye on the industry and hiring trends. For example, if you keep in touch with individuals working in your industry or connect with former internship managers, you can easily use them as a reference in your resume. Be a networker and do not miss future opportunities.


  1. Volunteer

 It goes without saying that volunteering helps to become an important part of the community and help people in need. Besides making a positive impact, volunteer experience is an attractive addition to resume. To make it more valuable for your future employee, volunteer for a cause that is related to your specialization. If you are going to work in a health industry, go to the healthcare sector.Luckily, even without a medical degree, there are a variety of opportunities to participate in different programs to help improve healthcare around the world.


  1. Get a Job

 Balancing a job and college life can be challenging, although it offers a lot of benefits. You do not have to get a full-time job and spend 40 hours in the office. Consider either part-time or freelance work, that will help you gain skills to apply in your future career.

Thus you will get a job that will add to your resume and a money reward. Even if you didn’t manage to find somewhat related to your ideal job, you would get valuable communication skills, experience with money and working in a team.


  1. Become a leader in a student club

Getting involved in student organizations gives you new skills. However, leadership roles can give you much more: the ability to work in teams, time management and leadership skills. This role requires accountability and management excellence – great skills to include in your resume.

Although many fresh graduates feel confused when they sit down to write a resume, with some creativity and effort students can discover a lot of activities they have been engaged in during their studies. If put together, these extra activities will turn into a strong document that will help them get a good job even without having an experience in a large corporation or a solid internship program.

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Studying Abroad? Where Are the Best Programs?


 Summer vacation is just finished. Wouldn’t it be great if someone asked you what you had done this summer, that you could reply, “I was studying abroad!”? Thousands of students across the world want to go somewhere besides their own country to experience new cultures and build their portfolios.

But, where do you go to find the study abroad programs? Where are the best places and schools? And, most importantly, where is the money coming from when a student wants to study abroad? Who offers the study abroad scholarships needed to fund these trips? Are the requirements difficult to get in?

We gathered a few hot programs that seemed to be the type you are looking for, and if what we have collected is not enough, keep looking. There is nothing like the experience of visiting another country and delving into their culture.


King’s College-London, England

Harry Potter fan? Then you should make King’s College in London, England your destination for studying abroad. The program is designed to give student plenty of independent study options. You will only be required to attend classed 6-9 hours a week and the rest of your time will be for you to decide how you want to study.

This program allows students to choose between one semester or a full year of study. If you are and Exchange student there are regulations and requirements that must be ironed out before acceptance. The following are a few of them:

  • A minimum of 1 year of study at an accredited University completed
  • Your GPA at a cumulative level of 3.3 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Your present academic background must be parallel to what you choose to study while at King’s College

In addition to the above requirements, students applying for study at the College must have the following documents, and they must be written in English:

  • A personal statement (find the questions on the above website)
  • An academic reference. Make sure you give your professors time to prepare this and give them the guidelines set out on the website for preparing your reference statement.
  • Your most recent official academic transcript. (there are guidelines set up for unofficial transcripts on the website)

Funding for those wanting to attend King’s College in London have several funding opportunities that they can apply for such as the Excellence Scholarships.

VERITAS University—San Jose’, Costa Rica

Surrounded by three volcanoes, with exotic surroundings to explore, the audiovisual and graphic design student has a great opportunity here at VERITAS. The architecture will inspire your creativity while you take in the coffee plantations, farms, and hillsides in this beautiful country. When visiting their center for international programs you will find offers for their study abroad programs such as:

  • English taught programs
  • Spanish taught programs
  • Spanish learning programs
  • Internships (some paid, some unpaid)

For those seeking study abroad programs that are fun, with opportunities to learn a new language, this program is one to consider. But until you learn the language, you need to translate your documents with This may cost small fees but it is worth it to get accepted in your programs of choice.

VERITAS offers summer programs as well as yearlong and single semester programs. They will customize the program to fit your educational needs and offer electives in Art, Business Courses. You will be associated with local students who will be guides throughout your stay at VERITAS.

Extra-curricular classes are also an incentive for choosing VERITAS. Students report not wanting to leave the school when their time was up due to the fun and exciting classes offered in yoga, sports, dance classes and more. Students are said to say that it is a literal paradise to study abroad at VERITAS.

University of Cape Town—South Africa

The study abroad program at UCT is excited to accept those who major in commerce, engineering, and the humanities. Law and Science schools are also available to those who qualify.

The university offers many diverse scholarships for those studying for their master’s, and PhD. Be advised that all international students must have a study visa to be considered to live for any length in the Republic of South Africa. You will not be able to register unless you gain temporary residency.

Those who have studied at UCT have often been treated to visits to the top South Africa destinations gaining the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of the country. The lessons learned based on past and present cultural context is beyond what you can read in books or view in documentaries.

For personal and professional growth, this is the study abroad program that was chosen by over 1 million students within the past few years. Following the requirements is very important for visiting UCT. Be diligent and you could be on your way to an academic adventure of a lifetime.

The following list of schools are also available for summer scholarships, 1-term scholarships, or transfer student consideration:

  • University of Queensland—Australia
  • Johannes Kepler University Linz—Austria
  • University of British Columbia—Canada
  • University of Amsterdam—The Netherlands
  • University of North Carolina—United States

Each university and scholarships have their own set of requirements. As a tip for writing essays, if you pre-write essays before diving into the websites, many of the questions are based on your qualifications and why you want to attend their university.

Pre-writing most of your essays with general content and then supplementing that content later to reflect each universities criterion for your essays will save you time. Bon


Regardless of which university and in which country you are studying, receiving an internship or a year of study in another country will only benefit you. You will learn about other methods of training, get acquainted with new people from the circle of your future profession, and gain experience. So, take from life any opportunity and go to your goal!

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