Posts published on December 9, 2018

10 Things You Can Do During Your Holiday Break


You made it through the semester and you are looking for something to do during your winter break. You could hang around with friends and blow off your responsibilities or you could use this time to better prepare for your future. Here are ten things you can do during your holiday break that will help you with your studies and career.

1. Internship
You should try and get an internship during the holidays. This will both bolster your knowledge in your chosen field and look good on your resume. Employees may be willing to extend your internship over the summer and eventually bring you on board if you perform well during winter break.

2. Research another country
This is your down time so you can choose what you want to research. Finding out about another country can expand your horizons and make you more knowledgeable overall. You may even want to visit that country during the summer. You can take your winter break to research everything about a country including its cuisine and history.

3. Watch educational videos
We all know that YouTube is filled with cat videos but it also contains educational videos. Take some time during your winter break to watch some educational videos. It is always a good time to learn something new and exciting.

4. Resume
Take this time to look at your resume and make sure it is up to date. Include any activities you participated in during school and any jobs you may have held. If you took any honors classes list them. Any classes pertaining to your career should be highlighted.

5. Summer school
Yes, it is winter, but now is the time to be thinking about taking summer classes. You can take this time to research a school like the Oxford Summer School and submit your applications. The sooner you apply the sooner you will cement your summer plans. Take your time and do your research now so you are not rushing mid-way through Spring semester trying to meet deadlines.

6. Personal Webpage
If you do not have one, create a personal webpage. This is one of the newest things potential employers are looking at when they are considering you for a position. Along with your resume this is a valuable tool that you can use to show your potential employers what you are made of. Make it pop and add some videos and pictures.

7. Volunteer
During your winter break there are plenty of places that need volunteers. You can do something valuable for others and feel good about your break. Volunteering also looks good on your resume. Employers are looking for well-rounded people and showing you care about something will help them see you as more than two dimensional.

8. Next Semester
Yes, it is winter break, but you want to start the next semester running. Start planning your classes and schedule ahead of time. You should already be enrolled and know your schedule so take advantage of that and plan when you will be working on papers and when your down time will be. Do not forget to schedule in down time so you do not end up stressed out during the semester.

9. Start eating healthy
Now is the time to start some healthy eating habits that will extend into your next semester. Eating healthy will keep you less stressed and help build up your immune system so you do not get sick while you are in school. Eating healthy food will help your brain function better and you will have a better semester overall.

10. Learn a soft skill
You want your future employers to know you are able to take on anything that might come your way. Take an online course on public speaking or business writing so you will be ready for anything. Whether it is your boss asking you to speak in front of a crowd or write a letter to promote sales, you will be ready.


Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and e learning specialist.