Posts published on May 15, 2019

6 Activities That Give College Students a Positive Attitude


Sometimes you hit a point in the semester where you are feeling down or depressed. It seems like you have neverending papers to write and endless books to read. Sometimes it is a good idea to put your books and homework aside for a little while and focus on you. You will feel better and be able to get through your reading and writing. Here are six activities that will help you maintain a positive attitude while you are at college.

1. Goals – Take some time to write down your goals both long term and short term. If you write down when you next paper or assignment is due it will help you figure out a good time management plan to accomplish your goals. Sometimes seeing things laid out in calendar form can help you wrap your head around what needs to be done and when. Your assignments will seem less imposing and you will be able to relax knowing that you have your goals set.
2. Organize your workspace – You will be more productive and less stressed in an organized workspace. Get some file folders and some organizers and put the mess in its place. The more organized you are the less chance you will forget to do an assignment and the less anxious you will feel. Take half and hour and re-organize your workspace to feel less anxious and more productive.
3. Try something new – Go out and take some dance lessons. You can learn the hustle or many other dances. Go to a park and take part in an ultimate frisbee game. Trying something new and exciting will up your happiness levels and help you make new friends. Getting away from your desk and moving around is beneficial to both your mental and physical health. The healthier you are the less anxious you will be.
4. Think positive – Instead of worrying about how much reading you have to do, think about all the new things you are learning while you read. Take your negative thoughts and turn them around to positive thoughts and actions. Just taking a few minutes a day and thinking positive thoughts can help your whole outlook become happier and healthier. A positive attitude starts with you. See life in a whole new way by just changing this aspect of it.
5. Help someone out – Sometimes the simple act of helping someone in need is all it takes to feel better and more positive. Take some time and volunteer at a local animal shelter or food bank. Helping those who cannot help themselves is a great way to feel better and do good. You will be helping the world while feeling better. Animals will love just having you around and people will appreciate that you took time off from your busy day to help them. You can find local places to volunteer through your college or online.
6. Give yourself a treat – Whether it is a piece of chocolate for each paper you write or a long walk outside after reading your chapters for the day, a treat will brighten you up and show you what you have accomplished. Treating yourself for accomplishing things will help you have a more positive attitude and will encourage you to finish your reading and writing.

There are many ways to develop a more positive attitude. If you follow the steps above you will be on the right road. Take some time away from your studies and do something that feels good to you. This will help you hone a more positive attitude towards your studies and your life. Having a positive attitude will change your world for the best.


Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and elearning specialist.