Posts published on July 18, 2019

Emerging Career Paths for College Science Students


You have decided to major in science. Maybe you enjoy the equations and discovering new things. Whatever the reason, science is now your life. So, what are you going to do with that science degree? Here are seven developing careers for science students.

1. Robotics – This is a newer job offering for science majors. If you enjoy designing, building, and working with robots, this could be your dream job. Manufacturing robots for laboratories and consumer marketing is now turning into big business. There are needs for people to manufacture the robot, design the robot, and write software to make the robot functionable. You can do all of these things with a degree in robotics engineering. You will be able to work for consumers and industry. Many new jobs are opening up as people are more aware of what AI and robotics can do for businesses.
2. Data Scientist – If you get a computer science degree you can become a data scientist. You will use your knowledge of programming and data to make analyses and cull data for businesses. This knowledge can be used in the AI, analytics, deep learning fields, and more. There are many businesses out there who have decided to hire data scientists in order to stay on top of their fields. You will need to make sure to highlight any computer skills or analytical classes you have taken on your resume. Resume samples to help you get organized can be found online. A bachelors in computer science with some communication or business classes will be advantageous in this career.
3. Agriculture – Farm are still using plows and tractors to create food for us, but they are also using cutting edge research and technology to get the food to your table. Being an agricultural scientist will put you in the middle of this emerging field. Studying soil samples and crops will result in healthier food and more plentiful crops. This is an experiment heavy career whose results will have real time implications on the food supply. You should look towards agricultural engineering, horticulture, or an agriculture degree to pursue an agricultural scientist career.
4. Cyber Security – Many new businesses and established businesses are making sure they have a strong cyber security system. This fun job includes legal hacking and keeping cyber threats at bay. A computer science background is a must for this exciting position. You can also focus on cyber security and legal hacking classes while you are in college to strengthen your resume and use as a resume builder in order to obtain a job in this field.
5. Space – Whether you are talking aeronautics or astronautics you will find a degree in this field to be profitable. Now that astronautics are no longer confined to the government, a budding field has developed for people with mechanical and aerospace engineering degrees. This field includes satellites, space shuttles, rockets, and missiles among other things. This degree will open up jobs around the world. Many different countries and companies are hiring more mechanical engineers to help them create satellites and more.
6. Digital Marketing – Businesses grow and thrive with marketing. Digital marketing is a field that is fast growing. The market has grown past the television and home computer. Smartphones and AI such as Alexa have brought the marketing capabilities into our homes. With a science degree you have the analytical and data skills to have a digital marketing career.
7. Environmental Science – A degree in environmental science will open many doors for you. Pollution is a major threat to the planet and environmental scientists are first in the line of defense. You can develop strategies to protect the environment and do field studies to help your strategies. This is a job that has world wide demand and may be one of the most impactful jobs a scientist can do.


Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and e learning specialist.