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Likely Challenges Faced by College Students Who Travel


College life bears some of the best experiences of life’s journey. But it is also a crucial stage that sees the transition from childhood to adulthood. The life of a college student is not easy, as they juggle their career with the need to socialize.

The path towards success is always not as easy as it seems. Students actually have to cross many hurdles before they achieve their goal.

What poses potential problems in a student’s life who travels and at the same time pursues a degree?

Let us find them out here.

  • The call of nature is hard to ignore

For students who are travel buffs, it is difficult to resist the temptation of travelling. The unforgettable charm of nature gives them lucrative reasons to travel. At the same time, due importance has to be given to education. Getting a college degree is not something you should take lightly. The regular course of study compels students to be present. The challenge lies in balancing passion and need.

  • College expenses

Pursuing any college degree demands a handsome amount. Keeping the expenses in mind, many students opt for part-time jobs or get involved in slots. This need for pocket money works as a driving force for them to take up work.

  • Work and study compatibility

Working from a very early age is not something we always choose willingly. Sometimes such situations arise where we have to work to sustain the family even while continuing to pursue studies. Or if a student chooses to relocate or spend a significant amount of time outside their hometown, in such a case a regular college course may pose as a problem.

  • Adjusting to different environments

While we are in an institution it takes time to adjust with the ambience of the place. Often we change the institution which then includes change of the entire settings including the mental set up. So whenever you are traveling outside make sure you are going back to the roots.

  • Feeling stagnated with studies

Life is too short to be stuck with one thing. For all those who want to go for all of it, it’s hard to be satisfied with one thing – be it education be it a job. There is nothing wrong in longing for more. If there is a scope to do both study and things you love, it will be a cherry on the top. But the challenge here is to juggle both sides, to strike a balance.

  • Making effective use of time

A full-time college course requires a lot of time and attention. We hardly get any time for our loved ones. We feel there is so much to do in so little time. Juggling the college with social life.

  • Maintaining attendance at college

For the wanderer at heart denying the passion is hard. As it is said time and tide wait for no one. This fleeting time once gone is gone. Students who want to make the most of it find it challenging to balance the urge to travel and the need to attend college. Regular college courses lay a lot of emphasis on the attendance that leaves students in a dilemma.

  • Career woes

Students who are just about to enter adulthood remains unaware of the scenario of the real world. They put behind the struggles of a stable career, job and indulge in momentary pleasure by travelling. Ultimately this poses a great threat to their growth in the future. There should be a balance between the two that will enable a healthy lifestyle.

  • Quenching restlessness

Students are young and energetic. Not being able to vent the energy in the right direction makes them restless. Pursuing a college degree requires dedication and patience. The urge to travel sometimes hamper their regular course of study.

  • Juggling assignments and prep time

Students’ life is the most difficult. Assignments, exams, lectures leave them exhausted. The physical and mental fatigue affect their personal and social life. It’s hard to take out time even for the things they love the most. Whereas traveling takes time and leaves you physically exhausted. It is important for them to learn the art of time management so that there is a happy balance.

  • Travelling expenses

College expenses already is a lot to bear. And traveling nowadays is nothing less. For an ordinary college student, the travel expenses might seem a bit too much. Cost cutting from the monthly budget may, therefore, be necessary.

  • Choosing the right track

Staying motivated in the class and attending classes with seriousness if affected when the heart is not at peace. If the soul is restless it will be difficult to make life choices.

  • Looking after health

Another barrier in travelling for a college student is your well-being. Health comes first. The long tiring trips may take a toll on health and it may indirectly affect studies.

  • Choosing the right friends to travel with

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Travelling while studying means gaps in the study. A friend intervenes here. A trustworthy companion can help you fill the void by supplementing the missed lectures and classes.

  • Taking time off for oneself

The humdrum of daily life makes people so busy they hardly get time for themselves. The college and travelling together takes up so much time there is hardly any time left to spend with yourself.


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