3 Common College Roommate Conflicts and Solutions

By Jimmy Rohampton

Being in college is one of the most enjoyable and important phases of anybody’s life. One of the highlights is living in your own space, but if your roommate and you don’t see eye to eye, life in college can be uncomfortable and awkward.

While it’s inevitable that people who are put into confined spaces and placed under pressure are going to clash, some problems between people escalate into serious issues. Here are 3 common roommate conflicts and solutions to keep them in check.

  1. Study Schedules

People come from all over the world to follow their dreams at America’s finest colleges, and they bring with them unique quirks, superstitions, and study techniques.

It’s common for people to require absolute silence to study, or to prefer cramming for days ahead of exams in a mad frenzy. If you love loud music and preparing in advance, then you will not have the ideal study environment.

It might not seem like a serious issue, but clashing study methods can have a negative impact on even the friendliest roommates.

Instead of letting a difference in approach drive you both crazy, have a honest discussion about the way you like to do things when you first meet up. College is built for knowledge, so find out where else you can study – study halls, libraries, even an open lawn can be favorable to retaining information.

Once you’ve got an idea who is going to study where, work out a fair schedule so that your routine lets you both prepare adequately without one of you living your life outside of your room.

  1. Smoking

Although studies suggest that the number of smokers is in decline, there are still a large number of college students who smoke – maybe as they learn about themselves.

Smoking is an uncomfortable habit at the best of times, but sharing your room with a smoker if you don’t smoke is almost impossible.

From the smell and the danger of fires to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, you are going to need to come up with a solution if you live with a smoker.

Vaping is a popular option among younger smokers.  It’s safe to vape indoors and there are none of the lingering scents or flames of smoking normal cigarettes.

If you’re rooming with a smoker, then ask them to try an e-cigarette as an alternative that suits you better.

  1. Cleanliness

College is a messy time in a lot of ways, but keeping your personal space clean is essential in making your situation as comfortable as possible.

If you’re a bit of a neat freak, then try and divide cleaning chores with a schedule so the room doesn’t get out of hand. If that seems a little formal, set up a fines system for roommates who leave laundry on the floor or pizza boxes everywhere.

Final Word

Whether its smoking, studying or dealing with a slob, you can overcome these common conflicts and make sure that college is as exciting and educational as it should be.



Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, business consultant and the creator of HowToCreateABlog.org, where he empowers people to gain digital skills.

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