4 Worst Career Tips You Should Ignore

By Sylest Christopher

Career planning is one of the most crucial parts of our lives. It is the foundation that we build on our professional life. So it is important to give it a serious thought as your entire professional ambitions and career success is contingent upon it. A misstep in your career planning can have serious repercussions on your professional life.

It is a commonplace to see people getting career advice from the seniors. The intent of such counseling session is to pursue guidance about a career move or seek validation for a thought. But it is equally important that you do a reality check of the advice before applying them in your professional life.

Here are 4 of the worst career advice you should never give a thought:

  1. “Do A Job If The Salary Is Lucrative”

Well, it is tempting to get a highly-paid job. But if your job is meaningless, the money becomes only a vanity and your interest in the job gradually fizzles out. A satisfying job has to be meaningful and it should add value to your professional portfolio. As an ambitious professional, you should be willing to do a job because of the learning opportunities it offers to you and not the financial perks.

Remember that if you follow excellence in your profession, the financial part of the job will follow you. So if someone asks you to grab a job just because of the high salary, don’t pay attention to his advice.

  1. “Follow Your Passion”

There is a difference between passion and profession. Your favorite hobby cannot necessarily become your best career choice. Loving something and making a career out of it are two different things. You need real talent and skills to excel in something you feel passionate about.

Let’s say you are a die-hard fan of soccer. But if you lack the temperament and endurance to undergo the strenuous fitness training sessions, you will not be able to make it to the top. So when someone tells you to follow your passion, don’t just jump into that profession. Rather you need to do a reality check about whether or not you have the talent and skills to make it a career.

  1. “Say Yes To Every Request Of Your Boss Even If It Means Sitting Late”

This is one of the most common advices people get from seniors. The majority of the people consider it the best strategy to be in good books of your boss. Remember that when you are in the professional world, you are paid only for the task you do and not for the favors you do to your boss.

Therefore, you should not entertain the self-serving demands of your boss, especially the personal requests such as write my assignment online.

While, it is okay to sit late once in a blue moon but if your boss keeps asking you for late sitting, then it is time to ask him for overtime compensation. As a professional, you have to do justice to your salary and there is no qualm to ask for the payment.

  1. “Find A Comfortable Job”

This is perhaps the worst advice anyone can give you. Remember that career success never comes so easily. You have to slog hours to learn the “ins” and “outs” of your job and go the extra mile to take it to the next level. You need to challenge yourself at every level and learn your way out to achieve professional excellence. So unless you get yourself out of the comfort zone, you cannot achieve the zenith in your profession.

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Sylest Christopher is a Career Counselor, Educator, and a Blogger. She is a veteran career counselor and an educator. As a blogger, she likes to shed light on the different areas of education and career. She is a sports enthusiast and spends his weekend playing the baseball.

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